Sunday, September 7, 2014

From Sunday to Sunday.

We dressed for church last Sunday before we found out about our plumbing issue. We spent the rest of the morning with the Strongarms before they went back to Aukalani.


Counting bubbles on Tuesday.

The Farmer got a boar on his hunting trip this week. He was fizzing for the rest of the day about it and headed out again later that afternoon for round 2.

I called her Veronica .. after this other pig I know.

Pina coladas with Tyler on Friday night, minus the booze.

Went to church late. Took the time to look at our Stake Missionary board. Five from our ward. We must be doing something right as a ward to have that many out at once.
I just can't tap what it is exactly.

Fast & testimony meeting never fails to make me cringe and entertain at the same time. I forgot it was Fathers Day today in New Zealand. Happy Fathers day to all the dudes in my life.

Manned the ship in primary today.
The President wasn't there.
The 1st Counsellor wasn't there.
Three teachers weren't there.
I was swearing in my head by the time we got to Sharing Time.
There were twice as many kids as usual. It would have been ok if I wasn't sick, but I am.
Hamburgers for lunch. Home made, not McDonalds bought.
Milestone this week. I did not buy take-out at all.
Next week. No chocolate.

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