Thursday, September 25, 2014

6am start.

I heard Hubba race down the hall this morning to meet the toilet. She has a fragile digestive system and if she has the wrong food, it's a digestive explosion. It's happened twice this week and it's a combined effort of people giving her bad food and her sneaking bad food from the fridge (like drinking milk straight from the milk bottle). I tried to go back to bed at 6.15, but every 15 minutes I'd hear the call, "I'm finished".

Gave up.

Washed my curtains last night and felt claustrophobic when I had to keep my blinds closed all night. I have a thing for closed curtains during the day. It just irks me and before I go to bed I open everything up so I know it's day time otherwise, I'd never get up.

Then I got all sentimental when I saw the dude taking my wheelie bin away. I cancelled my subscription because if I'm paying a waste levy in my rates AND a trade waste charge, why am I paying $400 a year for a dude to come get it? I got sentimental because it was Aunty Marvas bin originally and even though people typically don't get choked up watching a wheelie bin hauled across the road and driven out of sight, it is what it is. HBDC have a program on waste minimisation. I'm just doing my part. I'll feed Salty-Balls brother 1's pig our food scraps, I'll burn the burnables and take care of the un-burnables. (Neighbors, if you find something in your bin that's not yours, it's not mine either).

Maintenance of road signals Town supply water.  Council mowing, cutting, planting, pruning trees & lawns. Upkeep of the limed roads for winery tours. Gutter cleaning.  Waste Care services.
They're all things that set-off urbanisation of a rural area. Then we'll all be paying town rates. We'll be urban scrawl soon.

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