Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Birthday and other stuff.


Red velvet cake that Mitchy made. (New World shhhh)

15 candles.

Happy Birthday Fish!

I see no difference.

Even with a touch of Thin Lizzy, it was delish.

Stink party really. Boring teenagers on their gadgets too embarrassed to karaoke in front of adults.

They karaoke'd while we were out getting the pizzas.
No one sang when we got back and they put the 2 babies in the room to be babysat by The Lion King.

Hubba ruined the song.
I watched the video again  and in the event it looks like Shaily is hitting Hubba on the mouth, she's infact trying to block her from blowing out the candles before the song ends. Watch for the smile at the end of the video where Hubba finally gets what she originally set out to do. Kill-Joy child.

I need to stop letting people babysit her. She gets free reign when I'm not there and it takes a few days to bring her back to Earth. Disobedient = punishment of some kind. Tonights punishment was her binky (that Mitchy got a few days ago) out the window and into the creek that leads to the ocean. There are 3 more in the cupboard, but shhhhh. It's been a week of freebies for her, but it ended tonight.
Back into it next week.

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