Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How today went ...

Woke up to snow on la  montaña.

Took the kids to the park in Flax.

Then to Arataki honey in Havelock North.

Blue Borage was by far the best. Tastes like caramel.

Atop Te Mata Peak.

Breakers for lunch.
Kids eat free on Mondays & Tuesday. Boom.

1 more day with The Arabs before they head back to Auckland and back to Saudi at the end of the month. Hubba will miss her cousins, especially Miss Maia.
All the kids are growing up.
Doesn't mean the parents have to.

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Melissa said...

I'd say today went pretty well.

Happy Birthday Hubs!

Today, she's 11. She didn't mind one but that we're in Level 3 lockdown. At the very least, we have Delivery Easy to bring us ta...