Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In Wellington

I liked Wellington when I was with Nina. Not so much now. I thought it was the company, but it's more the narrow roads that make my grandmother nervous, but make me irate.

The accommodation is so nice though. We're situated right below the mental health unit so I don't have far to go if my current company bring me to that point.

Four generations in one room. You may think wow, but the correct response is omg.

I only have to go upstairs.
Relief is upstairs.
For real, you can hear everything up there. I'm imaging people rocking back and forth while flushing toilets. Because that's what it sounds like.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Saying "no" from now on .. it's much nicer than sayin "up yours, go away", but means the same thing.

Re-thinking Wellington right now.
Had one of those days where everything that I am was needed by everyone else. It's only 7pm and I'm ready for bed, but there are still things to do.
I've stopped to ask myself ... is it better to go to Wellington to get away from 10 people? Or is it better to stay home and avoid 2. Possibly the worst 2.
Here's what happened today.
Brother came to use printer. I've been asking him for my GPS for a week. He can't find it. He's going hunting. Car wouldn't start. Been asking someone all week about a battery. No dice there. No one was home to jump start the car. Neighbor suggested it was the starter motor and not the battery (shut up neighbor!). Mitchy saves the day. Kohanga calls. Computer woes. Mother calls. Her woes. Schooled the child. Sent a rude text to battery hooker-uppers. He sends me somewhere to get it. Mother calls, "If you're going to town can you get this and this and that and a lamington". She decides to come instead. New battery. Gas the car up for tomorrow. Sister calls. Mum errands. Come home. Book my car in for a lube service. Go back in. Come home. Finish the child's schooling. Pack. Clean. Laundry. My mother asks me to read over a questionnaire and fill it out, she's tired. I read over it, it's a mini-course she needs to complete by Thursday (do it yourself). Someone comes over wanting to pick my brain re: writing a proposal letter for sponsorship (wtf). Devices were tormenting me. Sister calls. Get washing. Start dinner. Pack food. Papa Greg arrives and wants to quiz me about pot-sizes. Lectures me about lending out my stuff to people who don't give it back (gps .. took him 6 months to give it back too). Go down to brothers and find the GPS myself. In his glove box, where I told him it was a week ago. Sister calls. Cousin calls to ask if I can go down and set her heat-pump up onto the timer (get a new remote fool). Dinner. Light fire. Pack. Still need to go to Mitchy's to get something. Still need to pack my car.
Could use a Valium lolly-pop right now.
The disadvantages of being here all in 10 hours and I've left some ish out.
Girrrllllll, you needs ta pray.

Happy Birthday?

Our ward marked its 130th year yesterday. You'd think that after 130 years there would be heat in the building when you get to church on a cold Sunday morning.
130 years later, worshipping Jesus now involves you taking a blanket to church so you're warm while you play angry birds on the downlow during sacrament meeting.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hockey & Super Rugby

Last time I played hockey I was goalie and threw the stick at someone from my own team for saying something about one of my brothers. I wasn't allowed in the team after that.
I was 8.
Black Sticks played their first Commonwealth game this morning. I recorded it because that's the sport I'd like Hubba to like too not because McCaws other girlfriend plays forward, but because Aunty Hop, in her prime, was a fantastic hockey player. My Mum too and Papa Greg. It phased out over the years, but is making it's way back.

Middle row, second from the left.

The Black Sticks played Trinidad & Tobago and won 14-0.

But I need a costume like Gemma Flynn.

Thanks for the hockey stick Nessa. You were only going to use it as a weapon against your brother anyway.
Papa Greg, we need a real ball.

Hopes to be a Black Stick one day.

Super Rugby semi-finals tonight. Crusaders vs Sharks.
Positive chi to McCaw who's starting in the unusual blindside position (#6). My guess is that after his rib injury break, he's not good enough for openside or rather, Todd is better. Either way, two good chaps to have on the flanks.

Friday, July 25, 2014

50 shades of crab enchiladas.

We hung out with Mummy Mitchy today. She's boring because she's low carbing.

Crab enchiladas for dinner.

Stop taking photos during prayers!

Making jello for tomorrow nights rugby dessert.

With the release of the 50 Shades of Gray trailer today, it was funny to wake up and see how many of my fellow LDS'ers liked and shared the video on Facebook. At one point I voiced out loud, "Whoa, you were my CTR teacher".
Not judging. I am not perfect.
Best part? The remix of the Beyonce song Crazy in Love. Fantastic. I watched it once with my eyes closed just to listen to the song.
Then again with my eyes open.
Tonights goggle-box line up.
Whale Wars.
True Blood.
By then it should be 1am and I should be tired.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dinner at 10pm.

I forgot to have dinner tonight. Fed the child, who is on a canned sgetti only buzz right now, and forgot that I needed nourishment too. Invited Mitchy down, but she was incapacitated. So this is what you missed out on.

Doesn't help that I'm a reject. Who else am I supposed to ring at 10pm to come for dinner?
Thought of ringing my Mum, but then she would have made me pack a sleeping child into the car and deliver. Mitchy called back, 15 minutes too late.
I missed your call.
You missed your tostada.

Whale Watching.

Her application for home school was processed and they called today to let me know it's all a go. This is what I have been waiting for. A foot in the door for pre-school correspondence is closer to getting the certificate of exemption when she's 6. I'm glad we qualified because the idea of putting her into public school did not give me warm fuzzies. You watch .. in 10 years time, they'll offer practical Polytech/Uni subjects - like Nursing - online, completely.

We were in Napier today for something unrelated to whale watching, but she insisted we go watch for whales. Very rarely does Napier get whales through the area that stay long enough to entertain us on the shore. After 20 minutes she asked where the whales were, I told her they were sleeping. This mystified her.
'They have to come up for air sooner or later'.
We've been watching too much Whale Wars. Obvious by her comment when spotting a boat in the distance, "That ship better not be the Nisshin Maru".

She found a "Moses stick" at the beach.

Stop touching my cameras Shaily or I'll harpoon you.

Birthday planning has begun.
Aunty Ness, Aunty Tashi, Mummy Mitchy & Nan, we got this!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wet Wednesday.

Ceviche de camaron. You're supposed to use raw shrimp and let the lemon juice cook it, but Pak n Save didn't have raw shrimp. I used bottled lemon juice too because I made this late last night and was too scared to walk to the lemon tree cos I'd been watching Finding Bigfoot all afternoon.
Those guys and their Bigfoot howls crack me up. I've been watching that show for 5 seasons and the only thing closest to Bigfoot that I see is one of the researchers, Bobo. I still watch it because it's hilarious.
Totally side tracked.
Tomatoes are expensive right now. $6.98 for a bag of maybe 6 in. Common during winter. The tomatoes aren't fresh at all, they've been frozen and defrosted, packaged then sold, but you have to make do.

Tomorrow is a practical day, unless it rains and we're stuck inside again like today. We're going to pick the grapefruit, that's hanging on our side, from the neighbors tree for Aunty Harriet. We'll make jelly and tomorrows dinner is either Tostadas or Pupusas. If it wasn't so late, I'd go make them right now.

Her latest song:
Vamos a contar, del uno al diez
e cuando termines, lo hacemos otra vez.
Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, sies, siete, ocho, nueve y al final el diez.

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, sies, siete, ocho, nueve y al final el diez.
It's like the song that never ends. 

Troll night at Young Womens.

They bribed me to young womens tonight by using hot dogs.

Appreciating my calling in the Primary a little bit more tonight.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Coldest time of the season.

It is chilly on the lily today. We've entered the coldest part of winter and this chill is supposed to be here for the rest of the week. It's going to be colder in Wellington. I'm hoping for better weather. I want to take the child to Te Papa museum while we're there.

It was so cold this morning she expected snow on the ground. Tuesday is grocery shopping day. It's always a bad idea to take other people because what's supposed to be an uneventful hour turns out to be hours of grief.

Today's schooling went ok. The downside of living by family comes in to play here. They don't take her schooling seriously, so text or ring or come over. Losers! (Mum, Ness, Facebook, Tyler and maybe Mitchy!)
TAKE NOTE. School is from 10am - 1pm. Leave us alone between those hours. On to numbers 5 - 8 tomorrow.

Monday, July 21, 2014

HS Day One: Numbers 1 - 4.

It's nice to get up and take your time to get into school mode. The requirement for 6 years and older is a 6 hour per day class. Pre-School is less. We did 3 hours of book time and a 30 minute video, which included counting to ten is Spanish. She can trace fine, but to write the numbers on her own (she can do the number 1 perfectly), bought about some tears.
I can't do it.
I am trying.
Trying = sitting there looking at the tip of the pencil hoping it will show her the way.
Tracing is just fine for now.

Show me, two red. Four blue. One green. Three yellow.
This worked better than flash cards.

I get why some people don't want to do the home schooling thing, but I won't let it stop me. I may be ahead of schedule right now, but I'd like to get the PC version of a Flight Simulator and give her the reigns to fly us to Los Angeles and back.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sabbath & homeschooling.

Beans. Delicious tasty beans.

NZ isn't big on home schooling. You have to apply for a certificate of exemption to home school your child. I've been looking into it for a month and I'm slowly getting somewhere. I don't know how the powers-that-be expect you to have your child educated, then zone schooling areas so your school selection is limited. I do not like the local school and I have a valid reason for not considering the next closest schools. I have one in mind, but it's a long shot and they're a selective bunch there too.

Home schooling has always been a preference for me and there are several reasons why I feel, as a parent, that homeschooling is more beneficial. I like the idea of being my child’s role model. Censorship of religion in schools concerns me and I'd like her to avoid the 'keeping up with the Joneses' attitude in teenage years. Schools don't teach life skills nor do they explore subjects that aren't taught in schools e.g. Alternative health, travel, being self sufficient. I want her to learn manners and discipline. Who is the ideal role model at public schools? Other children and I can name a few that attend the local school that could use a kick in the nuts who I'd hate to be example to my child. Manners are becoming rare these days.

The teacher to student ratio comes with great apprehension and just before you give me the ONLY valid reason why public schooling is better (social interaction), may I add this ... children don't learn from their peers, who know about as much as they do, they learn from grown ups who love them. Public school is a simulated reality that offers absolutely nothing parallel to the real world. Nothing I learned in public school prepared me for my first year at University. Nothing. All I learned at CCNZ is that teenagers who share your belief are as shallow as those who don't.

I don't want her there. I know I can do it if not better, closer to it than what kids get these days. Home schooling is improving, but I don't know why it hasn't caught on here yet. Group schooling is dwindling between worse and worser ... and that's not even a word!
We start tomorrow.

If the foundation for learning begins at home, why can't it continue at home?

With Bebbies.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Thanks Papa Greg for the basketball hoop .. pretty sure I asked you for a hockey goal. She'll look pretty funny dangling from the hoop by her hockey stick.

Need oranges and lemons?
I have lots.

I've been youtubing how to braid. I know the basic 3-plait, but felt the need to branch out. She hates it. It takes ages.

I dunno what these two were up to. Coral was a pirate, with a patch, and the Nessa was herself aka. The-time-bomb-angry-bird

Deep fried goodness for dinner.

.. and lime jello.

4th birthday invites. I've removed information for stranger danger purposes.
She can't wait and after telling Aunty Tashi the plan tonight, neither can she.

We're going Mexican next week cuisine-wise.
I've been wanting taco's all week and got my beans on lastnight. They should be done manana.
I did not win the lotto tonight.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...