Monday, June 23, 2014


Phone rings while I'm in Mitre 10. I'm already having a bad day.
I was there, by force, to buy weed mats with my Mum for my Grandmothers endless gardens. My mum wanted to window shop.
Who window shops in Mitre 10? It's like going to Pak n Save for a look. (Not judging Mitchy).
"What are you doing on September the 6th?"
"It's June"
"I know. Are you busy on September 6th?"
"No. But Hubba's birthday is on the 4th and that's a big event"
"I'm not talking about the 4th, I'm talking about the 6th"
Confused and irritated.
He started talking to someone in his office about eels so I hung up.
He rings back.
"Did you hang up?"
"No. What's on the 6th?"
"I need you to come help me with some Argentines".
My day got brighter.
Papa Greg is the best.
The deal is I have to support Argentina.
Yeah, I'm not doing that to Richie, but Papa Greg doesn't need to know that.

True story.

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