Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Mum.

Happy Birthday Mum!
My Mums the best. My sister and brothers will agree and maybe 1 of my sisters in law. She was 55 today and we surprised her with dinner at Bay View Hotels all you can eat Pig on a Spit. There were 16 of us and it's really not the place to take kids who may or may not have ADHD. We all got up and left early. The cooks ran out from the kitchen to tell our Parentals to go back in for dessert. They ended their night alone, probably a good thing.

Livian flew back to Australia today. I love airports when someone is arriving. They give me a gut wrenching feeling at departures.
Every time.
My poor nephew. I give him crap alot because he's hands down my favorite. He sobbed like a wuss when his Dad left and it made me teary eyed.

But this got me more. Saying goodbye to my husband once was enough. I couldn't do it over and over again. By no means is it any comparison to my husbands permanent earthly departure, but the emotion is still the same.
Separation of any kind is heart breaking every time.
Mitchy doesn't know I took this.

Table for 16.

I was in charge of getting the cake and I forgot.
Its ok though, Sister bought cake to Hamilton and they had it on Friday night.
My Love.

With every passing second every drop of falling rain I realize, I'm lucky to be holding you.

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