Saturday, June 28, 2014

Facebook vs Blog + looming.

When you're supposed to post something to the blog and you post it in Facebook.
I've been sitting here for the last 5 minutes refreshing the blog page to see where the post went.
Quickly deleted from FB when I realized my mistake.
FB is a place where I share very little information esp. my blog link. If they googled, they'd eventually find it, but I am glad some of my FB friends don't have the google search concept mastered. My niece shared the blog link one day on FB and I almost had a heart attack.
Feel special if you are reading via a direct or shared link off of facebook.
Matthew 22:14

I've been watching our kids loom their lives away for the last month. I've seen all the bands in the shops. You can get hundreds for $20. I watched how the kids couldn't work out the looming device that came with the set and how they used their initiative (and youtube) to do it all with their fingers. I watched during sacrament last week as my nephew made his sister a loom ring in rainbow colours.

I had to give it a try and when my nephew told me I could have all his bands the other night, because he's over looming. "It's dumb now", I started my quest to make a loom that will stretch around my house. I snatched packets off the shelves and have been looming ever since.

I'm currently at 6 meters.
I started yesterday.
Not a total loser, but close.

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Me said...

If looming is what i think it is, it was the height of cool when i was in first grade circa 1994 :) i loomed it up and made potholders.

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