Tuesday, June 3, 2014

92 soups.

Winter spans June through August. There are, roughly, 92 days in winter.
I've missed 2 days already, because dinner was had elsewhere, but I've challenged myself to make a soup for every day of winter and because the child enjoys soups (it's the noises she's able to make during a polite time), and so I've been inspired.

Tonight's soup was Saffron & Venison Bouillabaisse.
Before you think I was the sole person who won the $23m lotto over the weekend because you know how much saffron is, it grows wild here at the back of one of my neighbors houses and she hooked me up because fall is saffron season.

Saffron is $11 for 0.5grams here.

So a bouillabaisse is usually done with seafood, but I need to use the veni before it funks. It's basically a smooth and rich stew that you let simmer for a-g-e-s. The rouille uses alot of olive oil making it nice and smooth. I'd like to try it with crayfish one day.

Made corn bread to go with it, but it's not the right bread to have as a side.
Too sweet.
Chibata or French sticks would have been a better option.

Good stuff.

Like a boss.

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Melissa said...

What a blessing to have saffron growing in your neighbours yard.

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