Wednesday, May 28, 2014


4pm yesterday.

Made lip gloss for Hubba today based on a recipe Nessa-Nu found.
Basic. 1 tsp Vaseline, 1/2 a crayon, cap full of vege oil.
5 minutes in the microwave on high. Check every 30 seconds.
I added pineapple essence and used the tins they're giving out in happy meals at McDonald's.

5 minutes in the fridge and done.

A coconut in a loquat tree.

No one had a chainsaw so he cut it with my $14 Warehouse hand saw. Told him if he breaks it he owes me $75. After downing most of the tree, it's still working.

Just bloons.

Temple trip this weekend.
I haven't been since Larry & I were sealed.
Despite there are reasons why I can't go, there have been more reasons to go.
It's time.

Because someone asked.
Super Rugby Areas.
North Island:
Blue - Auckland, Black - Chiefs, Yellow - Hurricanes (My area. Who I should be supporting)
South Island:
Red - Crusaders (Who I support with every grain that makes me whole), Blue - Highlanders.

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Melissa said...

Nice map. Let us know how the temple goes. I hope you love it.

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