Saturday, May 31, 2014


Road race was an annual thing at my old high school here. Imagine cross country for lazy people. I did it once and like the majority, I walked it. The next year I just refused to participate. Kath and I talked about it as we drove the back road in from the Melville way.

I don't miss this place at all. Proof is in the fact that I'm awake right now in the temple motels struggling to find sleep because I know where I am and it's making me anxious for home.

I hadn't been to the temple in nearly three years. That's kinda useless. You forget everything when you're in there. Time means nothing and the atmosphere is just peace and if I  didn't know it before, I now know why people go so often.

A peaceful reminder of self awareness and purpose. I did not feel any closer to God or Larry, I just felt that everything is going to be ok and that I should come again.

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