Friday, May 23, 2014

Quick trip to Auckland.

Forgot to lock my back door before I left yesterday.
I was not robbed. It's nice to know the community is honest in that regard.
Stopped in at Mama's Donuts in Hamilton.

They're 'aight.

Hit Martha's Backyard in Mt. Wellington for my US fix.

I only went for the Oral B Princess toothpaste. I know that ish is $1.99 USD in WalMart.
$6.50 NZD here. Worth it because the child will brush her teeth 3 times a day with it.

$5 Con Queso .. worth every penny.

Naughty children.

Tired Lush.

Jestons thingys.


Larell will be 6 years old on Monday.
Cheap parents.
I told her she was half way to 12.

Happy Bebby!

Kisses with Bebin.

He loves his Aunty he does.
Him and the queso dip were well worth the trip.

Glad to be home.

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Melissa said...

Looks like it was totally worth it.

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