Thursday, May 1, 2014


It's May.
Slacking in VT for the last couple of months, I remembered about it yesterday.
Panna Cotta is the Italians version of flan or creme brulee. Either way, it's cooked cream.
Had to try a feijoa concoction.

Wine biscuits aka. Marie cookies. Added cinnamon.

Probably didn't chill them long enough, but they were pretty delish.

One of my fine ladies wasn't home, so Mitchy got hers.
"What does it say on the paper? Does it say For Hubba?"
"2 Nephi 2:6"
"Or 2 Hubba from 2:6?"

Dreading school next week.

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Melissa said...

Check you out man. Nice work. Wish I was on your list.

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