Thursday, May 29, 2014

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks.

They say that when you plan to go to the temple, things happen that bar the way there. On Sunday, when I confirmed that the youth in the ward were going and that they needed a 3rd driver for a van, I volunteered my Mum and Kath and I were going to go with them, dragging Hubba along. After church on Sunday, the plan was more or less in stone. By the end of the day, plans had changed.

Kath and I had been planning a trip up for a while. She's a fresh temple person and we both wanted someone familiar to go with, so when we heard the youth were going we set our date for the same time.

Sunday evening we were back to square one. Kath didn't want to travel on the van unless my Mum and I were going. I didn't want to travel on the van unless my Mum was driving one .. real dumb reasons not to go on the van, but it is what it is. I rearranged things on Monday/Tuesday to make it possible to go and it would work. Received some divine intervention between Tuesday and Wednesday and by yesterday afternoon we had booked accommodation, got my babysitter (Larell, sister will join us there), and we were ready for a home run.

I questioned the theory that something always happens when you prepare to head to the temple, because everything fell into place for me.

Then my car wouldn't start this morning. I called my family to ask who had my jumper cables because my jump start pack was flat and requires a 12 hour turn over to charge. No one had jumper cables. Strike One.

I got my Mum to drive me to town ... she says her car is cold and that's why it's crapping out on us. Eventually we run out of gas 2km from town in 6 degree weather.
Strike Two.

Mitchy's phone is flat.
Mere's not answering her phone.
Sister said she's on her way now ... from Auckland. (Funny guy).
Brother 3 and Tashi are at work.
Strike Three.

Tyler came despite she had work soon.

There was an out.
The Out came when as I poured gas into my Mums dinky car, I noticed she had no gas cap on the gas thingy. She'd been complaining about the car using more gas than it should. As she started the car and began to move, I watched as the gas spilled out.
Told you there was an out.

I spent too much money on the cars today to make sure we get there tomorrow. It's a sacrifice I was willing to take because tomorrow Papa Gregs gonna make it rain. He just doesn't know that yet.

I've just realised it's the 29th of May and I haven't done my visiting teaching.
Damnit. Mitchy and Jessie are going to win this month.

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