Friday, May 30, 2014


All Blacks to play in Samoa.
The gist of it is, someone thinks its a good idea to send the All Blacks to Samoa to play the national team. The seasons aren't aligned at all - which is why 4 nations consists of countries from the Southern Hemisphere. The All Blacks still play in November, which is when the cold officially departs, but the elements are still copacetic enough for rugby at that time

That's why rugby shouldn't be played in summer. The elements.
It's easier to warm up in a winter game than to cool down in a summer one. Scrums alone take up more game time than what's needed, constant drink breaks during a summer game would make one irate and the sport will go from being an 80 minute game to a 100 minute game, which I wouldn't mind if played in winter.

Rugby jerseys are fitted with GPS units to track the distance they run during the 80 minute game. The average distance is 8kms/4 miles. That's just running, working is a whole other measurement and they need better conditions for their bodies to endure it. The whole concept of rugby being played during brass-monkey season just makes sense.

Rugby + Winter = Sport of the Gods.

It would be in Samoa's best interests to come to NZ to play here for 2 reasons.
1. You get to fly in a plane.
2. Apia doesn't have a Carls Jr.

Love Samoa.
Love my Samoan heritage, but until you get winter over there ... no love.


Melissa said...


Melissa said...

Hey what happened to your book you wrote ? I just thought of that now. I liked it.

CamillaS said...

It's currently in with Deseret. It has been for about 12 weeks. I chopped and changed some things since you read it. My fingers are crossed, otherwise it's straight to Kindle! A second one is in the works.

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