Monday, May 19, 2014

3rd Monday in May.

Yesterday I lit the fire while the child watched Doc McStuffins on the couch. As I stood up, I watched the supposed character building show. Doc was fixing a mouse that couldn't back flip anymore. He'd lost his winder and in an effort to correct himself, lest his owner put him in the back of her closet with the rest of the broken toys, he sought help from Doc McStuffins.

I kept watching.
Then I clearly felt the pressure of a hand on the back of my head.
It was a light touch, warm and tingly.
I liken it to feeling as if you've walked through spiderwebs.
I tried to brush the feeling away with my own hand, but the touch moved towards the back of my head and onto the other side. The feeling stayed for a minute then disappeared.

Moments later Hubba says from the couch, without taking her eyes from off of the TV.
"Go away, I'm watching Doc McStuffins right now" .. as she brushes something away from her own head.

I didn't ask.
It's nice just knowing he's here sometimes.
My house is not haunted.
There is love here.
Mortal and immortal.

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Melissa said...

That, my friend, is pure awesomeness. Thanks for sharing.

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