Saturday, May 31, 2014

On Rugby.

Dear Rugby Gods,

Please stop the clock during the following.

1. Scrum set ups. They almost always collapse and a reset required.
2. Water breaks. It's important McCaw maintain his hydration levels off the clock.
3. TMO decision. He's not a rugby player.
4. Penalties. No really.
5. Line out line ups. Takes too long.
6. Conversions. Come on now.

Otherwise, kill me now because that's 45 minutes of wasted time.
I know this .. I timed it.

Unkind regards,

Saturday in Hamilton.

Note to self: Don't share a room with your sister & her kids next time. It's worth the extra $75 to be without them.
Second note to self: Leave your mother at home next time. She is more anti-social than you are now that she has a new cellphone and knows how to play games on it. She will not concede to tetris if the children need CPR.
Third note to self: Mama's Donuts are consumable lucifers.

Last night was torture.
This guy is teething.

This girl is a defiant little punk.

This guy I swear is THE REAL BANSHEE.

And this parrot does everything the other two do and gets herself into trouble.

Our Youth and 3 missionaries in waiting.

Her babysitter didn't do her hair this morning.

Lugar tranquilo y bello.

Once upon a time our ward use to take a bus up to the temple every month. That doesn't happen anymore. Now a week is saved twice a year for each stake to spend at the temple. It's a huge sacrifice for people who have children, big families and who work and I don't think it's boosted temple participation at all. We're 4 hours from Hamilton and it is difficult to get there monthly, but I'd like to at least try if not as a ward, with my family. It's pretty important. Everything else we do in the church is moot if we can't take the time to do that.

There are 2 kinds of people in this case.
People who can go and don't and people who can't go and do.

My mum will be 55 tomorrow.


Road race was an annual thing at my old high school here. Imagine cross country for lazy people. I did it once and like the majority, I walked it. The next year I just refused to participate. Kath and I talked about it as we drove the back road in from the Melville way.

I don't miss this place at all. Proof is in the fact that I'm awake right now in the temple motels struggling to find sleep because I know where I am and it's making me anxious for home.

I hadn't been to the temple in nearly three years. That's kinda useless. You forget everything when you're in there. Time means nothing and the atmosphere is just peace and if I  didn't know it before, I now know why people go so often.

A peaceful reminder of self awareness and purpose. I did not feel any closer to God or Larry, I just felt that everything is going to be ok and that I should come again.

Friday, May 30, 2014


All Blacks to play in Samoa.
The gist of it is, someone thinks its a good idea to send the All Blacks to Samoa to play the national team. The seasons aren't aligned at all - which is why 4 nations consists of countries from the Southern Hemisphere. The All Blacks still play in November, which is when the cold officially departs, but the elements are still copacetic enough for rugby at that time

That's why rugby shouldn't be played in summer. The elements.
It's easier to warm up in a winter game than to cool down in a summer one. Scrums alone take up more game time than what's needed, constant drink breaks during a summer game would make one irate and the sport will go from being an 80 minute game to a 100 minute game, which I wouldn't mind if played in winter.

Rugby jerseys are fitted with GPS units to track the distance they run during the 80 minute game. The average distance is 8kms/4 miles. That's just running, working is a whole other measurement and they need better conditions for their bodies to endure it. The whole concept of rugby being played during brass-monkey season just makes sense.

Rugby + Winter = Sport of the Gods.

It would be in Samoa's best interests to come to NZ to play here for 2 reasons.
1. You get to fly in a plane.
2. Apia doesn't have a Carls Jr.

Love Samoa.
Love my Samoan heritage, but until you get winter over there ... no love.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks.

They say that when you plan to go to the temple, things happen that bar the way there. On Sunday, when I confirmed that the youth in the ward were going and that they needed a 3rd driver for a van, I volunteered my Mum and Kath and I were going to go with them, dragging Hubba along. After church on Sunday, the plan was more or less in stone. By the end of the day, plans had changed.

Kath and I had been planning a trip up for a while. She's a fresh temple person and we both wanted someone familiar to go with, so when we heard the youth were going we set our date for the same time.

Sunday evening we were back to square one. Kath didn't want to travel on the van unless my Mum and I were going. I didn't want to travel on the van unless my Mum was driving one .. real dumb reasons not to go on the van, but it is what it is. I rearranged things on Monday/Tuesday to make it possible to go and it would work. Received some divine intervention between Tuesday and Wednesday and by yesterday afternoon we had booked accommodation, got my babysitter (Larell, sister will join us there), and we were ready for a home run.

I questioned the theory that something always happens when you prepare to head to the temple, because everything fell into place for me.

Then my car wouldn't start this morning. I called my family to ask who had my jumper cables because my jump start pack was flat and requires a 12 hour turn over to charge. No one had jumper cables. Strike One.

I got my Mum to drive me to town ... she says her car is cold and that's why it's crapping out on us. Eventually we run out of gas 2km from town in 6 degree weather.
Strike Two.

Mitchy's phone is flat.
Mere's not answering her phone.
Sister said she's on her way now ... from Auckland. (Funny guy).
Brother 3 and Tashi are at work.
Strike Three.

Tyler came despite she had work soon.

There was an out.
The Out came when as I poured gas into my Mums dinky car, I noticed she had no gas cap on the gas thingy. She'd been complaining about the car using more gas than it should. As she started the car and began to move, I watched as the gas spilled out.
Told you there was an out.

I spent too much money on the cars today to make sure we get there tomorrow. It's a sacrifice I was willing to take because tomorrow Papa Gregs gonna make it rain. He just doesn't know that yet.

I've just realised it's the 29th of May and I haven't done my visiting teaching.
Damnit. Mitchy and Jessie are going to win this month.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


4pm yesterday.

Made lip gloss for Hubba today based on a recipe Nessa-Nu found.
Basic. 1 tsp Vaseline, 1/2 a crayon, cap full of vege oil.
5 minutes in the microwave on high. Check every 30 seconds.
I added pineapple essence and used the tins they're giving out in happy meals at McDonald's.

5 minutes in the fridge and done.

A coconut in a loquat tree.

No one had a chainsaw so he cut it with my $14 Warehouse hand saw. Told him if he breaks it he owes me $75. After downing most of the tree, it's still working.

Just bloons.

Temple trip this weekend.
I haven't been since Larry & I were sealed.
Despite there are reasons why I can't go, there have been more reasons to go.
It's time.

Because someone asked.
Super Rugby Areas.
North Island:
Blue - Auckland, Black - Chiefs, Yellow - Hurricanes (My area. Who I should be supporting)
South Island:
Red - Crusaders (Who I support with every grain that makes me whole), Blue - Highlanders.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Crusaders vs Highlanders.

I missed the game on Saturday, so I watched it the next night on MySky (Tivo).
If ever there was a game to watch in all of this super rugby season, this was it. A perfect example of New Zealand rugby and the skill, from both sides, was constant. It was breathtaking. For real. The Highlanders were volatile but, even after they sinbinned McCaw, Crusaders owned despite the Highlanders lead at half time.

It was the last minute that was the heart stopper. With a score of 30-32 to the Crusaders, the Highlanders were in posession and Osbourne ran the ball into the corner post only to be stopped by Dagg and the ball synchronously touched the try line and goal line.
No try.

Tyler and I argued for the 5 minutes the TMO replayed it.
She said try, I knew it wasn't.

More play like this would be appreciated.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Autumn in Ruralville.

Six years of Larellephant.

Uncle Larry had a soft spot for Larell. They were best buddies!
We moved back a year after she was born and we spent alot of time with her because of the private dialysis he received in Auckland. For the 12+ weeks we were there, she'd jump into our bed every morning and go back to sleep snuggled up close next to him.
I'm glad she's a Kia.
Today, she turned 6.
At 6 months.

1 year.

2 years.

3 years old helping Uncle Larry with his dialysis draining bag.

4th birthday in Bridge Pa.

Thanksgiving at 5.

4 days ago.

God has a sense of humour to have sent my sister Larell.
My sister, the OCD, annoying unbelievably anal, anger management negative piece of work that she is, has no chance with the daughter she grew.
My money is on Larell.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Bridge & fishing.

Went fishing with The Farmers.
Hubba was with The Livians.

The Iron Pot in Ahuriri.

Ngawi dressed for the occasion.

What every fisherman should wear.
A cape, armour and a chalcidian helmet.

Braveman ..

... was scared of the little fish.

Two were caught.
Enough to feed Nash the cat.

The Star Effect

I am not a fan of Beyonce, but I have the Beyonce complex.
We all do.

The elevator incident that happened between her sister and husband, what she did is what we all do.

When we walk by a homeless person on the street.
When something is done that you'd never do.
When we see a parent discipline their child in public.
When a man degrades a woman openly.
When someone says something you don't agree with.
We retreat back into our shell when something foreign prods us. Like a turtle.

That is the Beyonce complex and naturally, we apply that complex.
I am still not a fan.
I would like to go to the Justin Timberlake concert, but for$179 per ticket I'll keep watching him on youtube.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Alma Mater

All hail to thee Church College
As we are all assembled here
The fountain of our knowledge
Our Alma Mater Dear
The bonds remain unbroken
And now tomorrows dawn appears
The Truth that you have spoken
Will guide us through the years

C for the Church that will save us and
C for the College dear
N for the New things you gave us and
Z for the zeal that's there

Reluctantly, I went to CCNZ. I was a 6th form boarding student and stayed for 2 years. The best part about it was the people I met. I have good memories because of the people I met. I have no connection to the place otherwise.
They've started the demolition of it. I don't know what it's going to become, but rugby fields sounds like a fab idea.
Swap land + winter = great rugby turf.

I understand that people are protesting it's discontinuation, but you have to get back to what's more important.
The picture tells it all.

Farewell to thee Church College
Always in my heart sincere
The memories I take with me
I'll hold so close and dear
Look onward to forever
With hope and love and unity
And through the seasons changes
You'll live inside of me

Church College, Church College
Onto Eternity

Quick trip to Auckland.

Forgot to lock my back door before I left yesterday.
I was not robbed. It's nice to know the community is honest in that regard.
Stopped in at Mama's Donuts in Hamilton.

They're 'aight.

Hit Martha's Backyard in Mt. Wellington for my US fix.

I only went for the Oral B Princess toothpaste. I know that ish is $1.99 USD in WalMart.
$6.50 NZD here. Worth it because the child will brush her teeth 3 times a day with it.

$5 Con Queso .. worth every penny.

Naughty children.

Tired Lush.

Jestons thingys.


Larell will be 6 years old on Monday.
Cheap parents.
I told her she was half way to 12.

Happy Bebby!

Kisses with Bebin.

He loves his Aunty he does.
Him and the queso dip were well worth the trip.

Glad to be home.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...