Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Theory week 6.

Why do you want to be a nurse? asked someone today in the lecture hall.

Because when I sat in the dialysis unit for nearly 3 years, no one told the Maori men that they had the option to dialyze at home (CAPD), instead they were stereotyped into the category of "lazy Maori who won't dialyze everyday when he's supposed to".
That's why and it's true.
Maori health is an issue that needs addressing. My people don't care enough about themselves. Statistics say so. I don't want to be the Superman to change that, but I can be a promoter of that change.
Was never a fan of MJ, rest his soul, but his songs are useful.

Passed my first assessment, the one that was due on Larry's birthday. Happy with the result considering 2 things.
1. I hadn't wrote an academic essay for years and
2. It was a load of horse ish.

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