Sunday, April 27, 2014


A day of rest .. and a day of rest it was.
After church.

The lads went hunting in the Tarawera's over the weekend and scored a 130lbs wild boar. Tashi roasted some wild pig at a family lunch a few months ago and it was amazeballs. The color is a little gangz, but it's a tasty animal.

Lunch at The Parentals - leftovers.

You left your 20 dollars in my fridge. I'm guessing when you and Tyler were fighting over the last cream egg, you were forced to prioritize and left the money next to the margarine.

View from the Parentals eatery aka. carport.

Thanks for the banana cake Sister.

Rome & Hubba.

The circus left town today.
I miss Bebin the most. Possibly the only one I miss.
One more week of no school.
I really need to spend this week thinking up something to make me rich before next Monday .. or get to reading Patient and Person: Interpersonal Skills in Nursing by Stein-Parbury because placements are in 3 weeks.


Me said...

shes getting so big :)

Melissa said...

That food looks awesome. What a nice view.

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