Monday, April 7, 2014


Hubba & Ngawi not watching The Hurricanes game, which was played in Napier. We tried to spot Tyler at the game, but didn't.

With minimal time, we had to use Sunday to push through with the Livians new house. He has extended his time off work another week to get everything done. Painted yesterday, carpet goes in tomorrow.


The Youth came and helped moved the big stuff. I could go on and on about agreeing this is a bad example to work on Sundays and include the youth, but you know what ... no adults offered and the Livians were only given 3 days to move out of the other house. It sealed my feelings about doing unto others and the community.

Painted lounge.

Nessa dressed the monster today.

The Youth.

By the skin of their teeth, they're in the new house - but there is lots to be done.


Me said...

is she dressed as selena in the 90s?

Nina said...

Coolies! How exciting...loving the photos Mella x

Nina said...
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