Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Science sucks.

I'm going to fail science. Holy crap am I going to fail it.
The exam is in 12 hours and I'm still trying to understand chemistry.
You get 2 chances to pass a paper. If I don't get it this semester, I'll resit next semester, which means I'll be in Tylers AP Science 1 class. I don't mind that I will be, it just sucks to have to repeat a paper.

I have nothing more to say about science other than .. I tried.
Found this tonight online.

My mum is in the middle row, 5th in from the left and whoa does Rome El-Diablo look like her.

Could use Larry's brain right now.
Could use a winning lotto ticket right now.
Someone needs to pay me to write fiction all day. I do better at that than science.


Melissa said...

I hope you don't fail.

Me said...

wish you were here (or i was there) i love science, and i would help you. it would awesome, because science is awesome, but not if you aren't getting it. maybe try and watch some downloads of magic school bus with hubba (or bill nye)? you can do it!!

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