Saturday, April 26, 2014

Like attracts like.

They say that your life right now is a reflection of your past thoughts.
Does that mean that everything bad that has happened in my life is because I attracted it by thinking it?
I believe thoughts have a frequency because they can be measured. What I don't believe is that thoughts become things.
If that statement were true, I'd be Spiderman right now.

It fills me with wonder that a below average team can beat the top team one week and lose to a team lower than them on the tables the next.
Here's what I've boiled it down to after hearing about the training week the team had.
You can't underestimate rugby players who are also naturally bred farm boys. Farm boys play rugby like how it's supposed to be played. Strategically with a dash of physical acrimony. They do not stand on the field and wonder who is looking at them from the sidelines. They do not care that their wives and girlfriends silently cheer from the fields outer boundaries. Farm boys come to play rugby.

I go to rugby to watch power and strength marinate a diamond shaped ball.
My backing is psychological.
I am rampart at the sidelines, not moral support.
Just play rugby for fricks sake.

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