Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy early Easter.

It's not everyday you go to school and watch a cadaver get skinned. The Professor gave us the chance to leave and I should have taken it, but what kind of nurse would I be if I can't handle the worst? I was surprised because one of the girls who walked out posts hunting photos of her and her Dad with dead animals all the time on her FB.

It didn't ingrain nightmarish images in my head at all. It's a corpse and the dude who wore it donated it to science before he died so thanks to him, I've been educated on the sciatic nerve and have realized how amazeballs the brain is to be able to control the body like it does.

Start my diet tomorrow ... so I'll eat all my chocolate tonight.
Brother 3 went hunting today, bought home venison. I let it denature in some pepsi max .. whoa. It's some good ish.  He remembered I asked for the loin last time. It's the best part mate. I have enough for several meals.


Melissa said...

I'd throw up. Good job.

Me said...

we disected a pig in high school and then daniel came to a class wit me in college where we could skin and "prepare" (for eatting) a nutria (looks like a little beaver) so we did that. i was vegetarian at the time, but it was ok, i learned alot and now i know it in case we ever need to know it on the boat. hopefully you never need to know the way more advanced stuff as a nurse, but as someone who also lives in a place where earthquakes happen alot, you never know when there could be an emergency and then you'll be glad you stayed :)

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