Sunday, April 13, 2014


It's been 505 days without my one and only.
Last week of school for the term.
Essay due on Tuesday morning, which counts for 50% of our final mark for that paper.
1500 words needed.
1300 words to go.
Need a rest.


Melissa said...

Ok so I'm gonna ask a question and I beg for forgiveness for getting down and personal and in your business and for my ignorance BUT................after 505 days, does it get easier in some ways, with time?

I was laughing at your stats you put up of your essay for a second I thought yo'd written 1300 words but no, no you'd only written 200 words. That's a huge part of your course man 50%? Crazy.
Good luck.

CamillaS said...

It got easier! But there are those days when you re-open the wound and ask why all over again, but it's ok ... families are forever and that is honestly the only thing that keeps me going.

Should have started this essay earlier. Didn't know there was some research to be done.

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