Saturday, April 26, 2014


Blog hopping at 2am because I bought an 18 pack of Pepsi Max MAX from Reduced to Clear and can't sleep now. Only drank 1.

I have a list of blogs I read through, daily, and they're in order of which I favour most - both strangers and acquaintances. Most are ex-pats of countries and LDS, others are just random strangers family blogs. I look for widows and widowers inside and outside of the church to see how they've moved on with life after and the handful I have in that category are not coping even 5 years later.

It's like reality TV, in photos and words, online.
Over the last 14 years I've seen marriages break up, children grow up, people get married and re-married, strangers lose children and family members, people leave and rejoin the church and some who randomly move to other countries for no valid reason other than the experience.

In the blogosphere, you're all more interesting than you think you are.

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Melissa said...

Lol it's so true.

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