Sunday, March 2, 2014

What a sabbath.

Who knew cultural safety was so in-depth?
Who knew APA Referencing would make me want to spray myself in the eyes with distilled vinegar?

The assignment due on Larry's birthday, Thursday, is doing my head in. I started studying when I got home from church at lunch time. At 4pm, I kid you not, everyone came over. If I hadn't been reading through cultural safety articles over the last 5 days I would have started to cry and screamed at them all to go away. Before you can successfully practise cultural safety, you have to find your chi first. As I wrote in my essay:

It is about relating to someone despite differences. It is about being comfortable despite being uncomfortable. It is honouring beliefs and values when surrounded by diversity.

I was just being culturally safe despite being surrounded by moronicles during my study time.
The order and reason by which they came:
Nessa: Running away from Coral.
Coral: Looking for Nessa.
Waimea: Looking for Coral.
Mum: Honked her horn in my drive way until she fell asleep, then went home and bought back ice-cream so I'd stop studying and pay her some attention.
Karyn: Asked for matches.
Rome & Cleo: For a visit because they were bored at Cleo's house.
Jesse: Cleo's mother. Needed MS word.
Tyler: Needed the internet.
Papa Greg: Returned something he borrowed and sat on my bed watching me type.
Emma: Needed me to read through her assignment, which is due tomorrow.
Mitchy & Shaily: Just to visit.

Sometimes having brains is a disadvantage.

The song for the month is "Jesus said love everyone". Because it's a short song, I had our kids write a second verse to it. They're a poetic bunch of naughties. My Hubba said the closing prayer in Sharing Time today. I was very proud of her because she volunteered to say it.
At least I know I'm doing something right.

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