Tuesday, March 11, 2014


School today was very much so a waste of time. 10am start only to get there and the 2 hour lecture was 45 minutes long.

I got MRSA swabs done at the school health clinic during lunch. It's needed for the first placements in May. We'll be going to rest homes for 2 days. The eldery make me smile, especially Sis. Paki at church who, at 80+ years old, trys to stop the babies in the isles who have food because she's hungry.

I can't even remember what the first hour of the afternoon lecture consisted of. All I wrote on my paper were Zzzzzz's. The second hour was vital signs. We'll learn all about blood pressures and temperatures this week in the lab.

Short day tomorrow. Looking forward to my study week next week. Also looking forward to the coming storm this weekend.

Got rear ended in town today. It was a hit and run situation. The chick in the Puegeot behind me turned the corner and sped away. Minor damage, no biggy.

Sometimes people are "assills", as my grandmother would say.


Melissa said...

That sucks man. I'm glad it was minor.

Me said...

MRSA is the worst. daniel kept getting it but then i took this awesome class on native american plants and healing, and how they intersect with contemporary medicine and pharma, and there are some plants native to oregon that are anti-staph, so i made him a balm, and hes never had a problem again. it was super rad.

super frowny face at hit and run.

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