Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Sabbath.

Everything started wrong today. Started when I woke up sick. Nats text this morning to say she had a migraine. This leaves 2 people to tend to the 25 kids. Tashi is away for the weekend, so she wasn't there to teach her class. I just remembered that this morning when I was getting dressed. I forgot to buy bribery food for the week, so I had to dip into Hubba's 'reward jar', and she voiced her opinions about that this morning saying she wasn't going to church if I didn't put her stuff back.

Drove to church with a complainer in the back seat. Walked in and before I even sat down I was asked to play the hymns for the day. I can play the piano at an advanced level, but give me a rondeau any day over a straight choral hymn. The structure of a hymn is so bland and ugly, technically, that I was never ever drawn to it. It's the reason I'm not the pianist for sacrament. Got through 3 songs somehow .. they sung the sacrament hymn a Capella and I have to say, for a ward that doesn't like to participate in singing hymns on Sundays, they rocked the hymn without a piano pretty well. We should do it often.

Taught the primary 2 new songs today. I despise the song they pick every Sunday to sing - Do as I'm doing. It gets them rowdy and hyper. The trick to a reverent sharing time is candy. I'm an avid believer of bribery. I only have them for an hour. What happens during their sugar high after lunch time is no es mi problema.

A good day.
Did not win the lotto lastnight, so school tomorrow.

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Melissa said...

This post cracks me up man.

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