Monday, March 31, 2014


For some reason, Health in the context of Aotearoa is a complete snore fest. The best part of that 2 hour lecture was the succession of earthquakes during the final hour. The biggest one occuring at 2:05pm (not pictured) measuring 5.2. The weird fall weather tells a story riddled with unpredictability.
I hope that's a word.

Camera unloading after a month.
Hubba owing a plate of egg & chorizo.

Pita Pitt came to town this month.

Sick days.

Panikeke. Imagine a deep fried doughnut ball with a banana flavor. Add some sugar and cinnamon and it will be a banana churro ball.

Afternoon snack.

Microbiology in science today. If I were to ask a Nurse half the crap we're learning in science right now, she wouldn't be able to tell you. She wouldn't care to tell you because it's near unnecessary. I know why it is necessary, but we're training to be nurses not surgeons.

While my car was being filled this morning with gas, I BP'd the petrol attendant while we waited.
He had high blood pressure.

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Me said...

More earthquakes out here too. Waiting for the big one.

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