Sunday, March 9, 2014


Genius idea to split the class for sharing time. I cover music time with one half while the other half get the lesson, then switch.

The best part about this coming week is, it's week 4 of theory and we get a study week the week after. I need that study week. I've said it before .. when it comes to me, no one cares that I need to study. I'll never become a nurse if people keep taking advantage. I cannot do everything despite I did everything for Larry. Difference is, I was his everything.

Banging out a few things today just to make myself feel better about neglecting study for the last few days. I did not win the lotto for my birthday.

Very sad about the Malaysia Air plane crash. That's the worst fear for me, even before snakes. I'd like to think I don't ever have to get on another plane again so I'm hoping we get a WalMart and a decent Ribs joint. Then my life will be complete.

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Me said...

I dreamed we had teleporters the other night, and you sent me hubba to babysit so you could study. :)

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