Friday, March 21, 2014

Rural Life.

It was a clean up the yard kinda day today. Not too hot, not too cold. Plus, my Mums been staying here all week and it's just what she does on her days off. When she gets a chance to clean up, no one is left behind and because she's Mum, you don't have a choice to pick study or clean-up.

I love rural life and I hate it. I hate it because of clean up the yard days and I love it because of the location.

Neighbors cow eating down the back yard. His name is Crusader.

Highlander the sheep is there too.

Nan taught her favorite how to light a fire today. Most of them will know how to light one before they're 5. Nan is a firebug. Majority know that when theres smoke in PA (especially during the fireban season), the culprit is my mother.

Harvesting from our yard.

Oranges, lemons and potatoes (Aunty Marva planted these years ago).

You got a blood on your naughty finger!
How do you know it's naughty.
Rome and Jeston do it.
To who?
Rome do it to Jeston. Jeston do it to Rome. Sometimes you do it to the rugby on TV.

Hurricanes vs Highlanders tonight.
Say goodnight now Hurricanes.

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Melissa said...

This post cracked me up.

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