Thursday, March 6, 2014

PS. It's officially autumn.

Today is Day 467.

I'm glad this salad only cost me $2.00 (thanks Breakers birthday voucher!), because it wasn't awesome at all. I should have noticed after I ordered that the waitress was pregnant and would probably say blue-cheese scented socks were as awesome as she claimed the pork belly salad to be.

Breakers crispy mushrooms and the onion rings = fantastical.

I found pork rinds at the Caltex gas station.
I forgot how crunchy they were.
MAC vs Marist this weekend.
It should be an interesting game.
League starts tonight. That only means frequent late night visits from brother 3 and 2 hours I'll never get back, per game.
I'd like to win the lotto for my birthday this weekend.

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