Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Because I'm happy - Pharrell Williams.

We've come to the part in school where culture and respect play a big part in being a successful RN. A few times today, while sitting in the lectures, I had to fight with myself not to get up, walk out and quit. It's all very raw and real when I constantly think back to Larry's hospital experiences.

There's a rule in place, by hospital governance, that restricts visiting hours after 8pm and I was constantly reminded by the recorded announcement and the few nurses who were having bad days, that I needed to vacate the premises before 8pm.

That was the only reason I left the ICU that night. The ONLY reason.
Today in communications class, I found out that it's my right to stay if I wanted to.

Sometimes it's ok to abolish obedience and my skin crawls that I didn't that night. It's a broad principle and I'll take that into consideration more.

Happy is watching a child applaud herself for making tents out of her books.

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Melissa said...

They tried to tell my sister the same thing when she lost her baby. They said her husband couldn't stay with her the night. I argued with the nurse and argued then told her to get the hell out and get me the doctor. I wasn't dealing with her any more. Then the do for came and let her husband stay with her the night she lost their baby.
The funny thing is Camilla, I asked this nurse if she had just lost a baby wouldn't she want her hubby with her ( just to give her some perspective) SHE SAID NO. I said " well you've got issues then" and demanded to see the doctor. It was horrible. But my sister was and has always been grateful that when she was weak I stood up and fought fought for her rights until someone listened.
I'm sorry that you weren't there. That's unacceptable. I hope you complained.

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