Monday, March 31, 2014


For some reason, Health in the context of Aotearoa is a complete snore fest. The best part of that 2 hour lecture was the succession of earthquakes during the final hour. The biggest one occuring at 2:05pm (not pictured) measuring 5.2. The weird fall weather tells a story riddled with unpredictability.
I hope that's a word.

Camera unloading after a month.
Hubba owing a plate of egg & chorizo.

Pita Pitt came to town this month.

Sick days.

Panikeke. Imagine a deep fried doughnut ball with a banana flavor. Add some sugar and cinnamon and it will be a banana churro ball.

Afternoon snack.

Microbiology in science today. If I were to ask a Nurse half the crap we're learning in science right now, she wouldn't be able to tell you. She wouldn't care to tell you because it's near unnecessary. I know why it is necessary, but we're training to be nurses not surgeons.

While my car was being filled this morning with gas, I BP'd the petrol attendant while we waited.
He had high blood pressure.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The weekend.

Funny what you can do when you're sick. I very much so am, but I'm going to brave the week at school this week because there are only 12 more school days left until the term is over (half way through the semester). I got my sphygmomanometer in the mail on Friday and BP'd everyone. Took it to church today and tried to BP the first few kids that came into sharing time, but the arm band is for an adult. I'll carry that sucker with me everywhere.

Sick made me stay home from the game opener for the Nash cup yesterday and sad to say, I may have missed the game of the season. Not only did they play the team who took the competition last year .. not only was Zac Guildford, the drunken All Black, on the field playing for his home team, not only was the game full of drama and power, but MAC WON. It just goes to show that a loss in the MAC family last week only makes them better. Rain, tornado or tsunami, I will not miss another game this season. Had a photo shoot yesterday. I'll share below.

Manned the primary ship on my own today. Brother 3 took a class for me, we were short a teacher, but we were also short the primary president and a counsellor. I knew one of them weren't going to be there today, but 2 of them? Lucky I got up for church in my sick state. 5th Sunday was singing practise. I'm burning into their little minds now the songs for primary presentation. If I don't, they'll sound familiar re-using the same songs. I told myself at the end of the year if the higher powers weren't going to call a music director and secretary, I'll do it myself so that when they ask me to speak in sacrament, I can decline citing my 1 plus 2 adjunct callings. Boxes of Favourites chocolates were $4 this week at Pak n Save. They were my bribery tools for the young padawans in primary. Then we played our version of The Voice. I asked who wanted to sing one of the songs we'd leaned so far this year, solo. First volunteer? My Hubba-Lush. She sang Jesus said love everyone and earned herself a chocolate and she'll also be moving on to the next round.

School tomorrow. Obviously no dice on the lotto. Did you know codeine is a cough suppressant? True story. Guess who my best friend is tomorrow.

Stan the man is my younger brothers bestfriend. They've been moe-rons since they were 5. At 32, not much has changed apart from having wives and kids. They have matching tramp stamps.
Stans wifes sister, Trina, was a BFF at Church College.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Rugby season.

Crusaders, you're breaking my heart this season you bunch of cabbages.
Hurricanes won that game tonight. They've upped their ante this year.
In other news, Nash cup begins tomorrow. First MAC game of the season and it's in Napier. I don't feel like going, so I probably won't ... but I might.
Brother 1 comes home tomorrow. They seal the deal on their house next week.

Preying mantis's have been lurking.
I'm looking at you Mitchy.

Planes & strokes.

Last Sunday there was a plane crash just up the road. It left from the aerodrome here and the pilot was giving low flying instructions to the student pilot. The flag has been half mast all week at the aerodrome. During the week a bi-plane was lost in Auckland somewhere. They're still searching for wreckage of any sort. A plane went down in Australia carrying skydivers and a chopper crash in Gisbourne. Then MH370.

I'm not taking my feet off of the ground. Ever. I told Mitchy and my nieces the other night that I'm too scared to jump incase I get lost.

Piri Weepu is the 5th person, in 2 weeks, who's been mentioned to have had a stroke. The 5 range from old and frail to young and fit. Piri Weepu, the 34 year old All Black.

What's going on ...
I'd much prefer money falling from the sky over planes and rapid weighloss over strokes.

Crusaders vs Hurricanes tonight.
Blues vs Highlanders tomorrow.

It's nearly April.
12 more school days then first term is over.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Family missionaries & ward missionaries.

There were 2.
One returned home today from the Marshall Islands. Those 2 years went pretty quick. My cousin shared a photo on Facebook earlier tonight of her sister, his mother - my 1st cousin - running to greet her son after 2 years.
It was awesome enough to blog.

Welcome home Brandon!
Not sure how long the other missionary has left. I think he's only been out for 8 months.
There is one out from my ward here and another received his call last week to South Korea. Fantastical for those families and the ward family.

Music Share.

Kevin Ray Owens of Ray, Goodman and Brown = the best falsetto singer ever. Better than the BeeGees. His singing is stellar.

Gordon Lightfoot is the reason why I love country music.

That's all I have to say today.
I have an assignment due.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Sabbath.

Everything started wrong today. Started when I woke up sick. Nats text this morning to say she had a migraine. This leaves 2 people to tend to the 25 kids. Tashi is away for the weekend, so she wasn't there to teach her class. I just remembered that this morning when I was getting dressed. I forgot to buy bribery food for the week, so I had to dip into Hubba's 'reward jar', and she voiced her opinions about that this morning saying she wasn't going to church if I didn't put her stuff back.

Drove to church with a complainer in the back seat. Walked in and before I even sat down I was asked to play the hymns for the day. I can play the piano at an advanced level, but give me a rondeau any day over a straight choral hymn. The structure of a hymn is so bland and ugly, technically, that I was never ever drawn to it. It's the reason I'm not the pianist for sacrament. Got through 3 songs somehow .. they sung the sacrament hymn a Capella and I have to say, for a ward that doesn't like to participate in singing hymns on Sundays, they rocked the hymn without a piano pretty well. We should do it often.

Taught the primary 2 new songs today. I despise the song they pick every Sunday to sing - Do as I'm doing. It gets them rowdy and hyper. The trick to a reverent sharing time is candy. I'm an avid believer of bribery. I only have them for an hour. What happens during their sugar high after lunch time is no es mi problema.

A good day.
Did not win the lotto lastnight, so school tomorrow.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


I'm far from a health nut, but I like infusing.
Four mornings drinks for four days of school.
Cup 1: Lemon, oranges, water and cinnamon.
Cup 2: Lemon, ginger, oranges.
Cup 3. Lemon, cucumber, ginger.
Cup 4: Lemon & paprika.

We'll start with lemons.
Did you know in ancient Egypt, lemons were consumed for medicinal purposes? True story. From the top of my head, lemons are a liver cleanser. If your liver is happy, everything else will be happy. Lemons promote immunity because of whats in them, namely, pectin, vitamin c, bioflavonoids and blah blah blah.  Combined, they fight infection.
It's funny that oranges prevent kidney disease unless you have kidney disease. It's basically like the lemon. Oranges alkalize the body. Also contain vitamin c and pectin, as well as vitamin a , calcium, potassium and so forth.
Everyone should know that cinnamon regulates blood sugar.
Diuretic. Reduces cholesterol. Controls BP. Relieves gout.
Sets the digestive juices in motion. Relieves an upset stomach. Also cleanses the palate so you can taste the next piece of sushi you shove into your tempura hole.
Vitamins A, E, B6 and iron. Paprika contains capsaicin, which lowers blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels.

They need to sit chilling for 24 hours. Pouring hot water over them will infuse them sooner, but that will also cook the fruit and fruit doesn't grow to be cooked, that's an abomination.

Study week.

Study week has ended. I don't know how we were supposed to study when there is a plane missing. I can tell you anything you need to know about the cockpit of a Boeing-777, but protein synthesis? No dice.

At Countdown, you can now buy lotto tickets from the self-serve check-out. This will spare you the time waster that is looking around to make sure there are no other Mormons around to witness you exercising your free agency.

I like it when Hubba tries to argue that she's not tired and the whole time she's struggling to keep her eyes open and sit up straight.

Chiefs game at midnight. Yes I'll still be awake for it.
I'll be at church tomorrow. It's the All Blacks that keep me home on Sundays, not the Chiefs.
Hurricanes gave the Highlanders a good run for their money lastnight, but at half time the points were all penalties. This doesn't make for a good game.
Lima Sopoaga is my new favourite flyhalf and has to make the All Blacks squad this year and the next RWC.
I have retired Dan Carter. Dan Carter always has DJ'ing to fall back on.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Rural Life.

It was a clean up the yard kinda day today. Not too hot, not too cold. Plus, my Mums been staying here all week and it's just what she does on her days off. When she gets a chance to clean up, no one is left behind and because she's Mum, you don't have a choice to pick study or clean-up.

I love rural life and I hate it. I hate it because of clean up the yard days and I love it because of the location.

Neighbors cow eating down the back yard. His name is Crusader.

Highlander the sheep is there too.

Nan taught her favorite how to light a fire today. Most of them will know how to light one before they're 5. Nan is a firebug. Majority know that when theres smoke in PA (especially during the fireban season), the culprit is my mother.

Harvesting from our yard.

Oranges, lemons and potatoes (Aunty Marva planted these years ago).

You got a blood on your naughty finger!
How do you know it's naughty.
Rome and Jeston do it.
To who?
Rome do it to Jeston. Jeston do it to Rome. Sometimes you do it to the rugby on TV.

Hurricanes vs Highlanders tonight.
Say goodnight now Hurricanes.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Study day 4.

Study Day 4 went a little something like this.
Where's MH370?
Pick up Tyler.
Pak n Save.
Where's the plane?
Le plane?
DNA and mRNA.
Debris found off the coast of Australia.
End of Day 4 Study. It's ok. I got through what I had rostered to go through today. I just need to leave the TV off tomorrow.

Mitchy got a Nutribullet.
It's basically a magic bullet on steroids. We threw everything in to juice yesterday. Apples, bananas and feijoas. 

Looks like baby vomit, but it wasn't too bad after a pinch of splenda.

This concoction was gangsta. Bok choy, pears and carrots.
Tasted like what the first juice looked like.

My Luscious. She's been missing out on her TV programs for the last 2 days because of my addiction to the search for the plane.

She told me this morning that she knows someone who could help find it.
Dora. She finds everything.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

To go or not to go.

Not going.
She needed to go. I'm getting up close and personal today with the Human body and the Integumentary system.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Study Day 2.

Hawkes Bay nectarine tea by Healtheries tastes like what I imagine liquid cardboard to taste like.

First of the season from my secret spot.

Thanks for my ballstrerry milk.

Essay is done. I barely made the quota.
I changed all the It's to it is to meet the minimum.
I spent 2 hours in town this morning with Mitchy. I could have been reading about cultural differences and communication.


The whole Malaysian airplane thing is an interesting son of a gun. I have the news on in the background 24 hours a day so I can hear something new.

I don't know if I dreamed it, or it if was real .. about a raid on one of the pilots homes and finding a DVD on how to paint a plane.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Study Day 1.

Probably could have started something over the weekend, but when I looked on my class's FB page this morning, others had the same idea to relax over the weekend and get in to it today. I have an essay due next week and I need to understand the science stuff more, so I'm going to spend the next 2 days on the essay and the rest of the week on science, which consists of watching detailed youtube videos and going through a practice exam.

The essay is about nurse-patient relationships and how cultural differences may impact on effective communication. They want 1500 words for it and I know it's not much, but what it all boils down to - of what I can gather over the first 4 weeks of school - is that it's about going beyond being ultra nice. That sums up my essay in less than 10 words.

I'm not ultra nice.
I'm probably not even really nice.
I may be borderline nice, but there's room for improvement and I'm learning.

There was an earthquake at 1.11am this morning. The weather was a predicter of that.
Good call Mitchy.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


She was frustrated.
I can't hear anything.

Maybe I can hear something.

I can hear something!

I can hear my footprints!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Fed the ducks yesterday on her day-off.
Scavenging winged vermin that taste fantastic confited.

Still waiting for that storm mate.

Where's the plane?

I've been watching the news religiously re: The MH370 plane. I've listened to theories even the suspected alien abduction ones. The only thing that I can think of is this:

It's just where that most perfect dive ever occurred that's the million dollar question. The other thing I can't quite wrap my head around is with all the satellites in the sky snapping shots of everything, nothing has surfaced.
Or has it.

I think Cyclone Lusi is going to miss us.
Man, I got my candles ready and everything.

Friday, March 14, 2014

For safety reasons.

They told us that a part of our nursing uniform is to tie your hair back. It's not only a 'to look professional' rule, it's also a safety hazard. If you're in the mental health ward and a client yanks your hair, you're up craps creek without a paddle rocking a bald patch.

I'd been avoiding it .. even tried to say my Samoan heritage forbids me from it, until the other Samoan girl in the class tied hers back. So I cut about a foot off. I can still tie it back, so I'll get creative on myself during the weekend and keep snipping until I can't tie it back anymore, but still long enough to be comfortable.

I was imagining the post-haircut Tangled look.
I fear it's more a Dora the Explorer do.
Yeah, nah to the photo you're thinking about asking me for.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sphygmomanometer. Sphygmomanometer.

I watchlisted a sphygmomanometer on TradeMe and was about to leave a note for my brother "Get me this for christmas, but pretend christmas is this week!". I took a leaf out of Mitchy's book and looked on eBay. $17NZD with free shipping.

Dear Family,
Brace yourselves. I'm coming over to BP you all when I get it.
Love, Me.

It's coming from Hong Kong ... so I hope for that price it's more than rubberbands and a condom fashioned to look like a sphygmomanometer.

Study Week.

Next week is study week in prep for midterms. That doesn't officially start till Monday so until Monday, I'm going to rest my brain and enjoy the next three days.

2 assessments today. Bedmaking and handwashing.
I've never been so nervous about making a bed and washing my hands before. I told the lecturer she scares me. She also glamours me at the same time .. like the vampires on True Blood.
She's awesome.
Pass on both accounts.

Learned how to take a manual blood pressure today. The mechanics of it all is crazy and interesting. Also learned a new word this week.
The blood pressure meter.
Said it out loud to Hubba who replied with no thanks.


The country is in for some wild weather this weekend, so say reports. I have no where to be after today, for the next 10 days. I will tackle chemistry during my study week next week and start on the essay due on the 27th.
4 hours at school today and it's all over for 10 days.
Looking forward to the weekend.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


School today was very much so a waste of time. 10am start only to get there and the 2 hour lecture was 45 minutes long.

I got MRSA swabs done at the school health clinic during lunch. It's needed for the first placements in May. We'll be going to rest homes for 2 days. The eldery make me smile, especially Sis. Paki at church who, at 80+ years old, trys to stop the babies in the isles who have food because she's hungry.

I can't even remember what the first hour of the afternoon lecture consisted of. All I wrote on my paper were Zzzzzz's. The second hour was vital signs. We'll learn all about blood pressures and temperatures this week in the lab.

Short day tomorrow. Looking forward to my study week next week. Also looking forward to the coming storm this weekend.

Got rear ended in town today. It was a hit and run situation. The chick in the Puegeot behind me turned the corner and sped away. Minor damage, no biggy.

Sometimes people are "assills", as my grandmother would say.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Genius idea to split the class for sharing time. I cover music time with one half while the other half get the lesson, then switch.

The best part about this coming week is, it's week 4 of theory and we get a study week the week after. I need that study week. I've said it before .. when it comes to me, no one cares that I need to study. I'll never become a nurse if people keep taking advantage. I cannot do everything despite I did everything for Larry. Difference is, I was his everything.

Banging out a few things today just to make myself feel better about neglecting study for the last few days. I did not win the lotto for my birthday.

Very sad about the Malaysia Air plane crash. That's the worst fear for me, even before snakes. I'd like to think I don't ever have to get on another plane again so I'm hoping we get a WalMart and a decent Ribs joint. Then my life will be complete.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


I had a bright idea to have Rome's birthday party at my house this year. Not sure what planet I was on when I blabbed that ish out to Michelle. It was a good birthday.

Emma was 7 on the 1st.

Mitchy had a cupcake decorating set up.

And fairy bread, which is banned from Hubba's birthday because it doesn't qualify as being a food in my book, alas, all the kids loved it and I had to question Rome on why. She said it gives you wings .. so does Red Bull, but we didn't have any of that.

Goody bags.

Junk. Pure junk. Just what kids need.

Rome's cake, the 3rd best part of today.

Michelle blotched the frosting, but my banana cake was great without it (thanks Mitchy!). My candles are awesome and were the 2nd best part of today. And while we're on that note, Crusaders won their first super rugby game tonight against the Storms. I gave them a standing ovation in my lounge. Richie McCaw broke his thumb during last weeks game .. he's out for a while. MAC lost to Marist this afternoon in the 2nd pre-season game. I thought the game started at 2pm so when we arrived at 2.15, we were already an hour late. Marist is my preference after MAC so I am ok with the outcome.

Our cakes.

Hubba lush did the honors and blew out my candles.

We lit Rome's twice because one of her friends blew them out.
Snapped the criminal on the right.
I'm not gritting my teeth about it.

Time to leave.

The unfortunate thing is, I'll see them all in primary tomorrow.

I did absolutely no study this weekend, but I feel I deserved it because it's my birthday today. My mum mowed my lawns for my birthday. It's ok, it's a ride on lawn mower and I tried to make Hubba give her a ticket for a DUI because she's craycray on it.
And finally ..

A smiley birthday picture from my Bebin!
The best part of today.

Picture unload

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