Saturday, February 15, 2014

Then there were 2.

Brown rice salmon sushi.

Couldn't find a babysitter for 8, so the Valentines date night with a few in the ward turned out to be a date with all the kids, which wasn't too bad. Took them all to the park for a release of energy.

Hubba was an emotional wreck for most of the afternoon.

Rome & Ngawi.



Papa Greg caught a king fish yesterday.
I really hate that dog. It doesn't understand 'go away'.

Raw fish on the menu today.

I like to mow my lawns, I really do .. but when you've been promised they'd be taken care of for the last 6 weeks, eventually you'll wake up to the amazon in your front yard and lost hopes that they're actually going to get done. My weed eater broke during christmas ... I blame myself for lending it out. My brothers weedeater has gone walkabout somewhere in the community. Who lends out a weedeater that isn't theirs? A genuine WTF moment.
Sick of looking at my yard today so I'm paying someone to do it despite the fact that it's a luxury I can't afford. They're at a point where doing them myself will be back breaking and the weeds on the edges are near 5 feet high.
Once I get into the swing of school, I'll save Fridays to do it myself.

Tyler moved out. When she text me the news (shitty way to do it by the way), it put my whole day off. I never wanted Hubba to be my security blanket, but how I felt yesterday after that news, I took her out of school early just because I needed her little kisses and hugs.
There is much more to it that's not bloggable. It kinda bummed my weekend, maybe year, out ... but there's only so much you can do to try with someone and I'm done.
They're adults.
I thought I'd never stop caring, but it's pointless when it's to someone elses advantage.

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Me said...

hugs from me too lady.

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