Sunday, February 23, 2014

The last sabbath of Feb 2014.

Week 2.
It's the distance that sucks as far as school is concerned and maybe the getting up in the mornings. Putting my lunch in my handbag didn't work out last week. I tried one of those little cooler style bags and that didn't work either. I don't have to take my clunky books to school, and I've asked myself why we even need them now, so I'd like my lunch to fit in my normal bag .. the bag, for those who know me, is forever draped across my trunk and over my axillary (woo, see what I did there? Anatomical terms. BOOM!). I feel lost when I take it off. Trying a lunch box this week. For some it would have been the first option, but I thought it shameful at big girl school, until I met the friend who bought her sgetti sammiches in a Pak n Save bag.
Hubba's and mine, minus our fruit, which will stay in the fridge till manana.

Ward conference today. Nothing new.
Recorded this mornings Hurricanes game. Watching it this afternoon, while trying to take on the chemistry chapter in my school text, only depressed me. I don't know which was worse, not comprehending chemistry or the Hurricanes. I should back the Hurricanes because this is Hurricane territory, but they gotta give me something to hope for and they consistently don't.
Frans Steyn .. you are my favourite South African.

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Me said...

i dont even know any south africans anymore because nelson mandela died. yeah, i'm an american.

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