Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rugby: Crusaders vs Chiefs

Just because someone shows his mojo in the pre-season, doesn't mean he'll have a good in-season. If Blackadder had judged by kicking percentages, Crusaders five eights Bleyendaal (57%), wouldn't have lost the team 5 drunken-ass penalty kicks. In the meantime, Tom Taylor (88%) sat on the bench for 40.

The worst part was Chiefs didn't have their full strength pack, but they played that way without them. The man who had heart surgery just last year got the first try of the game. He was a Crusader up until last year. Then there's Aaron Cruden, who you can fit into your back pocket, who tackles Lee-Lo like a boss.

Crusaders would have won if all the penalties kicked made it.

Do you know what's funny?
Watching rugby backwards.
Thanks MySky.

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