Friday, February 14, 2014


The initial part is over and done with. There are 68 students in this semesters intake of Nursing. Apparently that's lower than the norm. 3 are male. There are less than 10 Maori in the class, which is strange because Maori are the people that need help health-wise, this at least was one of my reasons for entering the program. There's more common ground when a Maori person is giving aid to another Maori person. It's call tautoko and is best done when there is something you can relate to. How do I know this? I saw how Maori dialysis patients spoke to non-Maori nurses. It sounds racist, and it very well may be so, but the truth is .. you are more likely to get a Maori woman to a pap smear exam when the nurse examining is Maori too.

The orientation was a snore fest, but the information was much needed. General campus law etc.

Really need to get to bed earlier than midnight.

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