Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Date.

She's the worst person to take on a date. I'm only glad there weren't too many people at the bistro.

The Station is in Napier, next to the movie theatre. I hadn't been there before, but I really liked it.

I had a quesadilla. The only thing wrong with it was everything.
The 'pico de gallo' was not pico de gallo. I've never had cooked pico de gallo before. Even marinated in lemon for 3 days doesn't cook it. They served relish and called it pico, however, it was delicious. I won't go into the contents of it, it was wrong by Mexican standards, but again, delicious otherwise.

Muy bien.
Passed a place called Fajitas heading to Napier through Clive. I must try it out despite the bad reviews I've heard.

Should've sent her to school today.

Home to do visiting teaching ish. It's the last day for it and I'd had a busy month.
Done and dusted.

She was my companion today.

Crusaders.  Disappointing.
So many handling errors.
Y'all made me swear at the TV lots tonight and almost rip my hair out.
2nd game of the season and you guys suck. I can deal with losing to the Chiefs, those guys are awesome, but Blues? Come on ... that's just embarrassing. Albeit the ref was a prick, there was a lack of athletic sophistication on the field tonight Red.

Still love you.
I should have studied today. Really should have studied.


Me said...

shes getting so big :)

Melissa said...

Thanks for your comment.
I haven't looked at your blog for a long time. It seems like too long, as I've missed one of the most life changing parts of you.
Sorry Camilla.
I need to put your blog back in my feed so I can keep better updated with your life.
I'll do better, starting this post.

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