Saturday, February 8, 2014

Best Grandmother Ever.

My nieces and nephews will argue that their Nan (my Mum) is the best grandmother in the world. I agree. While the rest of us were happy to sit inside all day because of the weather outside, they rocked up to Nans with their ambitious undies on ready to make the most of their rainy day.

And they did.

Nan never let's them down. She cleared out a bedroom especially for them and set it up for a day of crafts n crap.

For Aunty Ness.

I stayed for 30 minutes working on a necklace.

It broke before we got home.

They all rolled up the drive way a few hours ago.
Nan wants to know if you have sour cream and can we have it.
Nan wants to know if you have tomato paste too?
Nan wants to know if you have salsa?
Yes. What she's making for dinner? Nachos?
Yes. She wants to know if you have nachos.

Maybe she's just half great.

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