Tuesday, February 4, 2014

After School.

She likes her friends at Kohanga. She likes the teachers at Kohanga. She just doesn't like going to Kohanga. Tough ish child. It makes coming home more exciting. My older nieces and nephews think the only good thing about my house is that there is better food here than there is at their house. Hubba loves home. She loves her space and gets a little neurotic when there are too many people in it or when we are somewhere where there are too many children. Eg. McDonald's play area. She hates it, "because of everyone else".
I've created an anti-socialite.
A minion of myself.
I hope she loves rugby and becomes a Surgeon.

Baked mussels for dinner.

Downing mussels like a boss.

The drawing corner. Finally put that princess table and chair to good use Mitchy!

Master 4-eyes.
Star Wars prescription glasses for $299 for a 4-year old. I'll send him Uncle Larry's glasses for $40 and throw in a motion sensor storm trooper .. and I just noticed my Bebin in the background.

.. and goodnight.

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