Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Date.

She's the worst person to take on a date. I'm only glad there weren't too many people at the bistro.

The Station is in Napier, next to the movie theatre. I hadn't been there before, but I really liked it.

I had a quesadilla. The only thing wrong with it was everything.
The 'pico de gallo' was not pico de gallo. I've never had cooked pico de gallo before. Even marinated in lemon for 3 days doesn't cook it. They served relish and called it pico, however, it was delicious. I won't go into the contents of it, it was wrong by Mexican standards, but again, delicious otherwise.

Muy bien.
Passed a place called Fajitas heading to Napier through Clive. I must try it out despite the bad reviews I've heard.

Should've sent her to school today.

Home to do visiting teaching ish. It's the last day for it and I'd had a busy month.
Done and dusted.

She was my companion today.

Crusaders.  Disappointing.
So many handling errors.
Y'all made me swear at the TV lots tonight and almost rip my hair out.
2nd game of the season and you guys suck. I can deal with losing to the Chiefs, those guys are awesome, but Blues? Come on ... that's just embarrassing. Albeit the ref was a prick, there was a lack of athletic sophistication on the field tonight Red.

Still love you.
I should have studied today. Really should have studied.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It begins and ends with water

Is water an acid or a base?
It sits in the middle of the pH scale suggesting both and that's the correct answer.
Water both donates and accepts protons.

I figured it out today.
When Larry died, I quickly accepted Tyler as my proton. She donated herself to another living arrangement and now she's gone. In 447 days, she went from being an acid to a base.

The grief kicked in around the middle of last week, when I realised he was really gone. Tyler's acidity kept that grief at bay by just being here and giving me reason not to think about it. I must not cry in front of these children, and for 447 days I was fine. Aunty Gabriel said, the day we buried him, that the worst was yet to come.

It's here.
I fret for the man who both irritated me and bought me rays of light on stormy days. I cannot deal with school carrying this hardship, but then I hear him whisper in my ear - in the voice of the dude from Water Boy - "You can do it".

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Missing you.

Sucks sometimes.

It's because I'm learning what exactly made your body switch off and it's all very emotional. I'm not going to be a good nurse if I cry about it all the time.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Monday.

It had to be done. I 100% did not get it in todays lecture and I was hoping my reading of the chapter yesterday was going to be clarified today in the lecture. It was a painful lecture and I wasn't following at all.

Too many people visited today. I need that to happen less because I only get visitors when someone wants something, it's never for moral support. Trying to get through the first chapter in Chemistry for Dummies was constantly interupted and by the end of 4 hours, I wanted to cry because I still didn't get it because I hadn't read it.

That's why the phones not too far away .. Dial-a-Prayer.
I need it to be Friday already ... or 2016.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The last sabbath of Feb 2014.

Week 2.
It's the distance that sucks as far as school is concerned and maybe the getting up in the mornings. Putting my lunch in my handbag didn't work out last week. I tried one of those little cooler style bags and that didn't work either. I don't have to take my clunky books to school, and I've asked myself why we even need them now, so I'd like my lunch to fit in my normal bag .. the bag, for those who know me, is forever draped across my trunk and over my axillary (woo, see what I did there? Anatomical terms. BOOM!). I feel lost when I take it off. Trying a lunch box this week. For some it would have been the first option, but I thought it shameful at big girl school, until I met the friend who bought her sgetti sammiches in a Pak n Save bag.
Hubba's and mine, minus our fruit, which will stay in the fridge till manana.

Ward conference today. Nothing new.
Recorded this mornings Hurricanes game. Watching it this afternoon, while trying to take on the chemistry chapter in my school text, only depressed me. I don't know which was worse, not comprehending chemistry or the Hurricanes. I should back the Hurricanes because this is Hurricane territory, but they gotta give me something to hope for and they consistently don't.
Frans Steyn .. you are my favourite South African.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rugby: Highlanders vs Blues

Have you ever seen a blue cabbage before?
There are 15 of them on the field right now in Otago getting owned by the Highlanders. I'm silently LOLing.
It was pretty hot today. Hastizzle maxed out at 35.

Expect the rugby posts. 'Tis the season after all.

Rugby: Crusaders vs Chiefs

Just because someone shows his mojo in the pre-season, doesn't mean he'll have a good in-season. If Blackadder had judged by kicking percentages, Crusaders five eights Bleyendaal (57%), wouldn't have lost the team 5 drunken-ass penalty kicks. In the meantime, Tom Taylor (88%) sat on the bench for 40.

The worst part was Chiefs didn't have their full strength pack, but they played that way without them. The man who had heart surgery just last year got the first try of the game. He was a Crusader up until last year. Then there's Aaron Cruden, who you can fit into your back pocket, who tackles Lee-Lo like a boss.

Crusaders would have won if all the penalties kicked made it.

Do you know what's funny?
Watching rugby backwards.
Thanks MySky.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Adding to the school stats.

I only have school 4 times a week.
12 weeks x 4 days per week = 48 days.
I did 4 this week.
44 more days of school this semester left.

I think anyone can be a Nurse, despite your attitude in life. The communications classes change your mind about how you interact with people - in my case after 3 hours of the class, I can now bring myself to initiating a greeting with a stranger. Service with a smile. Sociology took away the 'you stupid coconut' attitude, because you need it to work with who you're about to work with .. but the best part?

... today is Friday and not only my day off, but Super Rugby has begun.
Crusaders play Chiefs tonight at 7.35pm.
McCaw will man the ship.
He's been talking retirement after the 2015 RWC. As long as he's there next year, I don't care what he does in 2016.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My weekend has begun.

There are 19 weeks in the first semester.
3 of those are study weeks.
2 of those are holiday weeks.
1 is a practicum week.
1 is exam week.
There are really 12 weeks this semester.
I've just completed 1.
11 to go.

I do not know what APA Referencing is.
That may own me more than memorizing anatomical terms does.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No time for photos.

School is full on. I didn't expect it to be this full on.
Do you know what the anatomical term for a big toe is? Hallux.
Did you know the thigh is not a part of the leg? For real.
Did you know the arm is techincally from the shoulder to the elbow? True story.
All very interesting, but Science is boggling me and I'm not the only one.
Fishing on Saturday with the Parentals.

The angel.

That's a lolly not a binky. Not in her wildest dreams.

The biggest watermelon of the summer. My Uncle dropped it off earlier. He grew it and it wasn't the biggest one he had to offer. I thought it was a pumpkin at first.

Now that Tyler has moved out, Hubba has a new, bigger room.

She loves it. I thought she'd want to sleep with me tonight because of the newness, but no.
She's a big girl.

The colour of the carpet can't be helped.
Last day of school for the week tomorrow. Oh how I'm looking forward to BBQ Saturday.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I knew the time would come one day, where I'd have to tie my hair up and keep it back.
It's required as part of the nurses uniforn, which I have to wear on Wednesdays and Thursdays, lab/clinic days.
If you know me, it's enough to put me off.
But I'm a champ .. I'll do it for those 2 hours a week.

I have an assignment due on Larry's birthday.
They don't waste time.
Thus far, my head is packed with information. It's all very quick and all quality information.

Truncation has nothing to do with Nursing, but I learned what it was today.
Currently hate the idea of APA Referencing.
Need to look that ish up to find out what the hell it is.

9am start tomorrow.

Yay to The Livian who secured a mortgage today! Welcome to the next 30 years of your life mofos!

Monday, February 17, 2014


Googled rugby game fixtures for the year to mark in my diary and somewhere along the way I found this picture of my Pops that I'd never seen before. Guessing it's around the 1940s rugby era. For a moment I thought it was his All Black portrait that hangs in my grandmothers living room, but the absence of the silver fern tells me it's not and he looks older in this photo. I also think the portrait at Ma's is a painting.

I see my cousins in him, my Uncles, brothers, even my Mum.
I'm trying to remember if he had cauliflower ears ...

Day one of Nursing.

The one thing I hate about classes so far, specifically in my Applied Science for Nursing class, is that the fresh-out-of-High-Schoolers know more than the older ones. My cousin and hauora nurse did tell me that they'll be the annoying ones during the year, but that they'll also be the first ones to drop out, at least half of them. They're harmless.

Love the sociology class times ten.

My wind screen cracked on the way home from a stone flicked from a car coming in the opposite direction.

I missed my Lush all day and today was the first day since beginning Kohanga, that she didn't cry when I left.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

School tomorrow goody goody ..

Only my family will understand the title.

Did not win the lotto over the weekend, so it's off to school tomorrow morning.
Yesterday was a bad day, I literally felt sick to my stomach about everything - all day, but I found my peace during the closing prayer in sacrament meeting this morning. I listened hard during the hymns and talks and nothing moved me, but her simple prayer was what got me.

She prayed for peace to come to those who have been burdened with darkness this week.
I loved that and I sent her a private message to thank her for it.

Sharing time was a breeze. Hot, but that was due to the weather and not rage.

I have to read chapter 1 of Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology before 10am tomorrow morning. It's longer than Alma.

Night 2 without Tyler.
It's going to be ok.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Then there were 2.

Brown rice salmon sushi.

Couldn't find a babysitter for 8, so the Valentines date night with a few in the ward turned out to be a date with all the kids, which wasn't too bad. Took them all to the park for a release of energy.

Hubba was an emotional wreck for most of the afternoon.

Rome & Ngawi.



Papa Greg caught a king fish yesterday.
I really hate that dog. It doesn't understand 'go away'.

Raw fish on the menu today.

I like to mow my lawns, I really do .. but when you've been promised they'd be taken care of for the last 6 weeks, eventually you'll wake up to the amazon in your front yard and lost hopes that they're actually going to get done. My weed eater broke during christmas ... I blame myself for lending it out. My brothers weedeater has gone walkabout somewhere in the community. Who lends out a weedeater that isn't theirs? A genuine WTF moment.
Sick of looking at my yard today so I'm paying someone to do it despite the fact that it's a luxury I can't afford. They're at a point where doing them myself will be back breaking and the weeds on the edges are near 5 feet high.
Once I get into the swing of school, I'll save Fridays to do it myself.

Tyler moved out. When she text me the news (shitty way to do it by the way), it put my whole day off. I never wanted Hubba to be my security blanket, but how I felt yesterday after that news, I took her out of school early just because I needed her little kisses and hugs.
There is much more to it that's not bloggable. It kinda bummed my weekend, maybe year, out ... but there's only so much you can do to try with someone and I'm done.
They're adults.
I thought I'd never stop caring, but it's pointless when it's to someone elses advantage.

Friday, February 14, 2014


The initial part is over and done with. There are 68 students in this semesters intake of Nursing. Apparently that's lower than the norm. 3 are male. There are less than 10 Maori in the class, which is strange because Maori are the people that need help health-wise, this at least was one of my reasons for entering the program. There's more common ground when a Maori person is giving aid to another Maori person. It's call tautoko and is best done when there is something you can relate to. How do I know this? I saw how Maori dialysis patients spoke to non-Maori nurses. It sounds racist, and it very well may be so, but the truth is .. you are more likely to get a Maori woman to a pap smear exam when the nurse examining is Maori too.

The orientation was a snore fest, but the information was much needed. General campus law etc.

Really need to get to bed earlier than midnight.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Being late & petrol

I got a taste of what being late was like this morning. Being late for church doesn't count, add in the hymns and the opening prayer, late is when you miss taking the sacrament. It's something I am usually on top of, bar the fact that I'm not really a morning person.

If Hubba eats after 6, she'll go to bed later. She's a 10+ hour sleeper, anything before that is like unleashing the Kraken on an idle ship.

I just need to go to bed earlier, but I enjoy my late nights when she's asleep, Tylers asleep and the TV belongs to me for an hour or two.

Orientation tomorrow. It starts at 8.30am, but the compulsory part doesn't begin till 10.30am and it's only for an hour. 12 miles for an hour.

Confirmed: I'm dumb at math.

Convert all that to NZD, it's $35.
I was off by $15.

Do not want to car pool with people who will enjoy the free ride to school. Just keeping it real. Solo parent with 2 freeloaders. Taxi's aren't free.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Middle of the week.

Nice day after 5 days of rain.
Moved a couch by putting it on the roof of my Mums car today. Moved an even bigger one lastnight when no one could see us. The men in our family are pansies. You have to do all this ish yourself if you want it done before Christmas. Also moved a double bed lastnight at 11pm and will move the rest in the middle of the night, tonight. If you hear what sounds like a bunk bed falling off a car roof, it's just me and Mere.
The Girls of Rome.

That face.
School on Monday.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Before you trust someone, authenticate it.
This picture has no relation to what I've said today. I just like it.

Busy day. Hectic day. Emotional day.
Time for sleep.

Monday, February 10, 2014

A day of trauma.

Not a nurse yet, but when Corals hand got fractured on the school bus she came to me first bypassing her mother's, her grandmother's, and great grandmother's houses. She tried to tell me the story, but she talks at light speed normally. When you add pain and panic, it becomes induced babble. I got stuck with the emergency department trip. Two hours with three kids in tow.

The hospital turns my 'be a nurse' idea back into a swing decision and I question it all over again, but I ran into two of Larry's nurses and the doctor who stayed with him in the ICU the night before he died. I did not get the normal feeling today to rethink nursing, but instead I received an imaginary shove in the direction to follow it through.

Coral and hand will be ok.

Visited my Aunty who came out of surgery at 7pm. She's the bravest person I know right now. Her determination to live and love boosts me to enjoy my next 3 years (2 if I am able to complete 2 semesters over 2 summers).

I do love my family, 60% more today than I did yesterday.

The strongest person I know right now.

Happy Birthday to Aunty Hop who would have been 81 today.
Miss your whistling and your unhealthy serving of jam on toast.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Comfort Food.

Shaily joined us today for our traditional Sunday lunch. I only invited her because I need her to babysit next Friday because I have a valentines date. We tested ourselves this week to see if we could not go to Pak n Save every day and rather use ALL our weeks worth of food up instead of wasting money heading in to town to get a meal worth of ingredients. You'll be surprised what you come up with when you test yourself. It makes me think that when I win the lotto and move my orange house, it will be ok to move it right out to nowhere-land because I can survive on only going to the supermarket once a week. Michelle goes everyday. Sometimes she goes 'for a look'. Who goes to the supermarket to browse!? Mitchy.

Loading day and what a load it was.

Happy Anniversary to The Livians. I hope you can taste it through the picture. I would have invited you both, but you have too many kids.

The Livian made it home safely for his week off AND it's their anniversary today - 12 years.
Two words.
9 months.
Thanks for Hubba's new dresses. She needs rugby boots!

The Sabbath.

Sometimes you go to church and fall asleep. It's ok, because sometimes the Bishopric do it too. I fell asleep during the sacrament blessing of the water. I snorted myself awake and looked around to see if those near me heard anything. Hubba was smiling back at me from the floor where she was eating M&Ms.

It was a rough day at church. Sharing time was what I imagined Hell to be like. The teacher got overwhelmed and since you can't drop F-Bombs in church to elementary aged children, I had to play flappy birds on my tablet to avoid it all. None of my nieces and nephews were there today, but they will all be there next week when I teach and will only add to the drama. Looking forward to it as much as one would look forward to a vinegar & baking soda enema.

Today is a 'loading' day aka cheat day. Tyler had hers on Thursday .. and Friday, yesterday and probably today. This doesn't amount to failure when you are trying to watch your food intake, in Tylers case it does, but I won't judge. Cheat days are something to look forward to. It's all psychological. If you're not looking forward to something during the week, you'll binge eat. I don't cheat with chocolate and soda pop, I'm cheating by using milk in my sauces and flour as thickener.

Sometimes you have to have cheat days just to reward yourself for getting through another week of sharing time at church.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I hope I have time for making good food once school starts.
Brother 3, ever the hunter, got a deer just after Christmas. He gave a slab of steak that I remembered in the freezer. With the rain this morning, it felt like a day for stewing. Venison stew.
Always start with a mirepoix. Celery, carrots and onions are a must have in your fridge this side of winter and through-out. It's the base of any good soup if for anything, for flavor to the stock and aromatics.

It's all good frozen. It's going into the crock pot for the day.

In the USA they call scones biscuits. In NZ, we call cookies biscuits. I made US biscuits in NZ today. Added Colby cheese and used whole wheat.
1 1/2 c whole wheat
1/2 c rice flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp kosher salt
3/4 c cultured buttermilk
1 c grated cheese
115g unsalted butter

Brush with egg wash.

Half done.
200° C for 10 minutes then rotate the pan and down to 150° C for another 15.

Taste test.

Feijoa cobbler.

It's supposed to rain till Tuesday.
Hope not.
I have lawns to mow and laundry to do.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...