Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Begin Again Part II


Monday lunch for Hubba-Lush.
Day 2 at Kohanga was good. Tears this morning yes, but they begin pick up from next week where they'll pick her up from home and drop off again at 3pm. When I picked her up today the main teacher was sitting in the sand pit playing a guitar and singing with a bike helmet on.
It made me smile.

You can't hide this ish from me Papa Greg. If you don't want to share your crayfish, don't thaw it out outside where everyone can see it. Not even that blue gingham tea towel could hide those orange delicacies.

Anyone want a kitten? The Farmers have 7 to give away. We'll save one for Larell and one for Jasiah, that will leave 5 up for grabs. I told the kids to put ribbons around their necks and put them on doorsteps. If you get one, it wasn't us.

Monday was yesterday. We've been exhasting The Dungeon. Went for a walk up the road with Tashi, Ty and Demps and almost died. It's a much needed change. Yeah, should've started last year, but Christmas does things to the mind and shops basically give away chocolate.

Alas, the beginning is minimal - but it's something. I don't do before and after shots.

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