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Thanks to my helpers today who made the whole thing easier for me. (Ty, Shai, Mitchy).
The middle class. My nephew at the back with his fingers up his nose.

The whole school.
57 strong.

Headed out to Te Aute College to help my mother do last minute stuff before the Christmas holidays.

Such a nice campus.

My mums wreath.
When my younger brother visited lastnight he said he and his family, who live right next door to our parentals, were all asleep in bed and they hear, at 11pm, Rod Stewarts Chritmas Album start up from my Parents house - easily rocking 30 decibels. They were out decorating the outside family area, which doubles as a car port on the off season. It's supposed to be the spot for a disco on Friday ... I'm not going. All the kids were allowed to invite two friends each. No thanks.

My step-dads latest work-in-progress. A table for twelve. I don't even know where he got the top from. He's very much so a make-do man and can make something out of anything, but when you want something you have to challenge him and start with, "I bet you can't ...".
"I bet you can't give me 20 bucks" doesn't work, but "Papa, can I have a green money?" does when you send your kid.

There's even a Lazy Susan to go on top of it.
I wish I took photos of my nephew Jeston getting a haircut this afternoon. His hair went from looking like an emo goth chick who shops at Hot Topic, to Donald Trump comb over, to wannabe Sonny Bill Williams .. to Tyler fixing the whole thing because I got a little carried away with the clippers.


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Super Moon, Te Mata and Ariel.

Last nights Super Moon. Te Mata Peak. Safe to say, Hubbalush loves her Ariel. She's my favorite big sister Mum. (Shame Tyler, Shai, Nessa and Rome) Goodnight Hawkes Bay. Earthquake: I felt it. I got my child up and ran outside onto my concrete porch where I thought it would be safest. The Seismologist on the news the next day said running outside is not a good idea in the event of an Earthquake. Now I know for next time. Hawkes Bay didn't feel the effects of it like Southland did .. and is continuing to do. Over 1000 aftershocks since it all began. Tyler is stuck on the South Island and finishing out their tour, much to my dismay. It's a disaster zone in parts down there and although she's on the skirts of the danger zones, you'd think it professional AND safe to cancel the tour and bring the troop home .. but no. Some stupid doesn't think so. Goodnight.

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