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Today was a great day for rugby.
Went to France this morning to watch the All Blacks take the French.
And that's just what they did.
26-19 to NZ.
Dusautoir is the man, but Piutau is better .. and McCaw out does them both.

Ready for church.

Just had to.
McCaw played number 8 last week, but I prefer Kieren Read in that position. You know you're obsessed when you yell at the TV, "Watch out for his knees you bastards!" during a tackle on McCaw.

After 2 weeks of daily practises I'm happy to say the primary presentation is over. I pretty much sat there mentally crossing kids off the list while awaiting the last song. It's been stressful because we have no music director. We had to have more solos than group songs because of this reason. They all did great. They were glad it's all over too.

Ran away from 3rd hour to come home and watch the Maori All Blacks play the US Eagles.
USA have the power, but they don't have the experience when it comes to rugby. I think Todd Clever is close to All Black level and would bode well for an international team higher in the tables, but he's also an asset to the USA who are just getting off their feet as far as rugby is concerned.
May I apologise to the United States for the woman who sang the NZ National Anthem. She was a tragic mess and I'd like to know where they got her from. I did not like the American commentators. You're expected to be fair when commentating, but they were just too excited when the US got good runs, advantages etc.
This is not good Sportsmanship.
I listened to the rest of the game on mute lest I throw my sky remote at the TV because of the annoyance.
29-19 to NZ.


Me said…
They had to be enthusiastic. They're the only Americans who follow rugby :-)

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