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Tiresome Saturday.

My goal when I woke up this morning was to tire out the child and keep her awake as long as possible because I need a child-free trip to England at 3.30am for the All Blacks game. I started with house work.

Mitchy and I took the kids out to town - minus 1, plus 1. (We lost Ness and gained Jestons friend Jovahn). Just when we thought today was going to be the worst day ever, we spotted this across the road from Countdown. I'm running out of reasons to go to Auckland. There will only be 5 reasons to ever need to go there if Hastings gets a Wendy's and a Dunkin Doughnuts. Reduced to Clear sells edible items that are near or after expired. It's worth it. I learned at school that it's not the age of the food that makes people sick, it's what may or may not have got on the food during processing and production. eg. Certain pathogens.

Entice Gourmet Kitchen is a few shops over from Pizza Hutt. The Cro-Nuts sign outside enticed us. A Cro-nut is a cross between a croissant and a donut. It was disgustingly good. Nothing will beat the spud-nut, which I must try make one day.

Hit the park for fun time.

It wasn't that fun for Rome.

Hometime for some self entertainment ...

... while the rest of us sat around like Lazy Spice on the couch.

Jeston and Jovahn played PS3 Rugby.

I threatened to beat them both up a few times if they didn't play the game properly. I was getting all bothered telling them to throw to the wingers and run it. Jeston asked what buttons he needed to push for the player to get wings. I politely asked them to turn it off and play another game .. for the love of rugby PLEASE.
They played basketball.

Chicken Pox Queen no mas.

More old english roses from the garden this morning.

She will sleep through 6am - 8.30am if I don't yell at a TV.


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