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Thanksgiving -1 Year - Sunday.

I have a headache. This whole weekend was full on and I soon learned exactly what kind of spawn my siblings created. There was crying, hitting, bullying and biting. This one wasn't friends with that one, that one refused to sit at the same table as this one and all of them bar 4 picked on my Hubba-Lush at one point this weekend. She cried more than any of them. If the weekend went any longer than today she'd think her name was "Shut up".

I woke up at 6am in the hope to spot Comet Ison through my 500mm. I timed it wrong. When the NZ Star Dome website said 6am Auckland time, I forgot that we on the East Coast get the sun first so the times would require adjusting by around 10 minutes. Tried to go back to sleep, but Hubba was determined to make today miserable because it was night 1 without the binky.

The photos are in order of the day. It was a great day. I learned that I love my sisters in law more than I did yesterday. When we did the rounds at the table of what we're thankful for, I was thankful for 3 sisters with OCD. The cleaner, the crafts freak and the one who can't stop going to town, which leads to kids wanting to go with her and removing them from my sight for a short period.

This is how we do Thanksgiving down under.
Nice cutlery? Totally plastic.
Thanks Uncle Bills.

Due to the time of day, the lights in the centerpieces never turned on.

The best part of this photo is my Vecci in the back.

Pams Sparkling Grape Juice. $3 cheaper than the Sun Country brand and tastes like $1 wine .. so I heard.

In keeping with the thanksgiving spirit, cranberry ornaments.

The kids candy jar.

Spider Man and the Wicked Witch of the East.

Drayden-Reid, who's new nickname is Bebin - 8 weeks old.

The savages found Ma's hose on a hot Sunday afternoon.

Rome. Her middle name is Camilla, but I'm still denying that.


Our two big girls.

Spiralling apples.

This guy is the reason smacking should be legal in NZ. He picked on Hubba ALL day. Learned his lesson when Uncle Jeston offered to deal to him. I think his parents were a lil scared for him.

The set up.
Tashi has a knack for this ish.

Plastic is fantastic. No one wants to wash dishes after a meal.

Kids table.

Because of the season, we in the southern hemisphere have to work with what food is in season. As much as I would like to go traditional, a BBQ is the way, the truth and the life for a Thanksgiving down under.

Larell singing for candy.

Lolly scramble.

Sister makes the best cheesecake ever, and I hate cheesecake and, usually, her cooking in general, but one thing I can not be humble about is her art for baking. This passion fruit cheesecake was delish.

Tyler's ambrosia.
It was safe. I initially thought she had put pepper in it, because let's face it - it wouldn't surprise anyone, but the yogurt was vanilla bean.

Mitchy's brownies. Again, fantastical. White chocolate brownie and a raspberry caramel brownie.

First grandchild and the 16th Grandchild.

Our 16 savages.

Tashi says she's not having anymore. Michelle's been saying she's not having anymore since Jeston and sister always surprises us and has more so, unless Richie McCaw asks me to marry him, 17, 18 and 19 will not be from me.

Picked the last two old English roses from the bush and ran away with Shai to the cemetery to visit around 8pm. I've missed him this last year, every day, but I'm content with my life temporarily void of Larry.

We ended the night with fireworks.

The crazy that makes up my family is what got me through this year. The BBQ/Thanksgiving, was just to verify that. My brother moved home, my older brother gave us Hubba and my sister was always just a phone call away. Then there are my parents, who haven't stopped showing how much they love me.

They're all who I am thankful for a year later.
Miss ya Loveage! Don't forget to go to your divine rugby practises up there.
PS. All Blacks vs Ireland at 3am. I know my family hate it when I turn a blog post into a rugby thing, but come on .. last game of 2013. It was bound to happen and pure coinkidink it fell on this weekend.
A great end to a perfect weekend.


Me said…
poor hubba! my friends daughter always used to get picked on by the girl i nannied in scotland. one day walking home from school she got tired of it and screamed "NO NO NO! I CHOOSE MY OWN DESTINY!" it was hilarious and adorably empowering and after that she wouldnt let people pick on her anymore, she would walk away ("i dont have to play with my toys here, goodbye!"). hubba seems like she has that kind of energy, plus she'll probably be able to beat them up when shes older anyways, so they should watch it. daniel used to think his name was shut up (for real) and now he can pick me up with one arm. cousins and siblings just remember the little ones always grow up :)

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