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Home again.

Friday market dumplings.
These alone were worth the trip up.

Hubba and Drayden-Reid.

I lived a luxurious life once ... because I could. I had a husband who adored me and rewarded me with materialistic happiness. It wasn't a bad thing. It bought me back to earth when he couldn't work anymore because of his illness, hence voiding the wake-up call when he died.

From that luxury came a fragrance habit. I love a good perfume and there aren't many out there that I actually like. I have a different perfume for every day over the period of 14 days. For example, Monday is Mariah Carey day. Tuesday is Echo by Davidoff. Wednesday is Cashmere by DKNY .. Sunday day 14 is Crystal Noir by Versace. Some of these perfumes I traded for web design a few years ago for a NZ fragrance website I worked on.

Low maintenance has bought an appreciation of imitation perfumes.
Apple Love is an imitation of  Twlights Forbidden Fruit perfume, which I'm pretty sure Twilight ripped off from Nina Ricci's Nina perfume.
Apple Love smells better than the real deal.

Flower of Love imitates Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf.
It smells sweeter than Flowerbomb, but Flowerbomb's scent lasts longer.

Pink Party is a frugal mans version of Paris Hiltons for Her.
Only got this one because my Paris Hilton is aging and is beginning to smell chemical-like.

It's a good day when you go to Countdown to buy Richie McCaw bottled water and come home with 3 bottles of perfume from a neighouring Asian shop that oversells cell batteries.
God Bless thirfty Auckland bargain shops.

My most favourite perfume is Tuscany per Donna by Estee Lauder. I haven't had the scent for years, but it reminds me of my childhood. I remember finding an empty perfume bottle in an op shop when I was 7 and bought it for 20 cents. I'll find it again one day, but I have not sniffed out an imitation version yet.


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Super Moon, Te Mata and Ariel.

Last nights Super Moon. Te Mata Peak. Safe to say, Hubbalush loves her Ariel. She's my favorite big sister Mum. (Shame Tyler, Shai, Nessa and Rome) Goodnight Hawkes Bay. Earthquake: I felt it. I got my child up and ran outside onto my concrete porch where I thought it would be safest. The Seismologist on the news the next day said running outside is not a good idea in the event of an Earthquake. Now I know for next time. Hawkes Bay didn't feel the effects of it like Southland did .. and is continuing to do. Over 1000 aftershocks since it all began. Tyler is stuck on the South Island and finishing out their tour, much to my dismay. It's a disaster zone in parts down there and although she's on the skirts of the danger zones, you'd think it professional AND safe to cancel the tour and bring the troop home .. but no. Some stupid doesn't think so. Goodnight.

Kawe Mate.

Recently an Aunty of mine, who is staunch in her Maori culture, talked to me about the protocol of Kawe Mate. Kawe Mate is a custom during the maori process of death that involves taking the deceased memory back to where they were well known or considered home. It's a custom that is basically a gesture of love to family members who weren't able to attend the tangi. My family never practised it at all and I don't think it's necessary to start. I carry his memory in my heart, as does his Mom, that's all that matters. Happy Mothers Day!