Thursday, October 31, 2013

Not a total Halloween Grinch.

I opened my door for the One-Legged Spiderman. He would have broken my window with his crutches if I hadn't.

He zoomed across the road when he saw me pull into my driveway.
Lucky he's cute .. and family.

Happy Halloween.

Too busy tonight for it, besides, I bribe most of these kids every Sunday during my month of sharing time with lollies and it's coming up in Dec.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Middle of the week. End of Oct.

Boycotting Halloween. Something I consumed yesterday made me sick today and I've decided I'll still be sick tomorrow. Sent the child to Kohanga today and had to pick her up early because I had a Wacky Wednesday at 2pm, which I knew would go beyond 3pm (finishing time).

My parents flew out to Auckland today. I was sad when I had to walk back to the car and come home to no Parentals in The Bay .. just like my sister will be sad on Friday when they leave her to come back here. 

The Air NZ European Tour begins on Saturday when the All Blacks play Japan. Over the month they'll take on France, England and Ireland too as a part of the tour. Before the final Bledisloe Cup game, the following video was released.

"The All Blacks team are a clone army in a bid for galactic dominance" - Boba Fett said so himself. Anything endorsed by a Star Wars character is gospel, everyone knows that.
The video brings me all kinds of emotions.
I love rugby more than I love albacore sushi.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lazy Tuesday.

Lazy Tuesday today. We stayed home most of the day bar a Primary Presentation practise at 6pm.
I hope it all comes together nicely because going by the last few practises, it's going to be very tragic. We have no support in Primary. It's hard to lead children when the adult to child ratio sucks. I'd like to change wards, but I love the people in my ward .. don't love that there aren't enough of us to hold an auxiliary together.

Eventually, Tyler will grow up and move out and then it will be just Hubba and I. On nights that Tyler stays away from home, I both miss and appreciate her absence.

A change is coming.
Looking forward to 2014.

My parents are heading to Auckland tomorrow. They have tickets to Cirque de Soleil. I went to see my Mum tonight and upon inspecting her cupboards, told her she forgot to do the shopping this week. She's my Pak n Save before I go to the real one. She's like a first line of defense and even though they're only going for 2 days, it will probably be a dumb 2 days for me. Love my Parentals. It's kinda like when I spend too much time with The Livians and then I come home and have some serious withdrawals and miss them all. It must be love because they drive me bongos the whole time I'm with them or when my younger brother comes for a visit and stays for 9 hours even though he lives 8 houses away .. or when my sister rings ten times a day for dumb things like, "Drayden-Reid just smiled", "Larell is a know-it-all" or "Listen to Jasiah sing but what does the fox say".

As much as I complain .. I'd miss the circus.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Labour Day

Not sure if there's a tradition for Labour day in NZ besides enjoying the day.
She likes to dress herself.

Tyler, Dad & Shaily.

Waimea & Lolz.

Lady Grumps.

The 3 eldest grandkids.

Romey Domes.

She's crazy. 100%.

It's a liberating thing when you upgrade your dish rack (like Sister did on Saturday). Michelle got the same as you Furns. This one was $10 cheaper. I don't have a tribe to need the big one.

Also liberating, when you replace the light bulb in the hallway that's been out for 3 months.

.. and life goes on.
Time for some Zombies and Sons of Anarchy.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

End of the Auckland trip.

There are enough cameras in the family for everyone to have one each. I have 7 alone, but everyone has to flock to my camera's because they know I don't go a day without unloading them. I will not allow my images to be backed up for months. It will ruin my filing system flow. On top of that, they never take good photos. They're always blurred or not as sharp.
Sister snapping the the brat pack yesterday while we shopped.

You can see Hubba's chicken pox.

Forgot to mention to her that Hubba eats play dough.

Late lastnight we went to check Mitchy into their hotel. The Sudima at Auckland Airport is fancy! We all felt underdressed walking to the elevators. Once in the room I decided I wanted to shower in the fancy bathroom. Shaily followed suit. By the time we both got out, it was too late for Michelle to shower and we had to go to the airport. I also got under the covers and into the bed.  Egyptian cotton sheets .. yes yes, I had to get in.

This 12' Gimli greets you at the International arrivals.


You don't get fed on the flight from Brisbane to Auckland, so we had a midnight snack at Macca's. We tried to hit Carls Jr, but it was closed.

Big Brother!

The kids fast asleep.
We told them we were going to clean the car so they wouldn't ask to come.

Cross-Eyed Shaily.

Airport Toblerone! Best brother for the rest of the week.

This morning we picked up The Livians, took them to the StrongArms so brother could meet Drayden-Reid, then we gapped it home.

 Aunty Michelles favorite nephew.

Hawkes Bay.

Nan missed her Hubba. She got a trike from The Warehouse that I just spent the last hour swearing at in my attempt to assemble it. (Hello Richie McCaw H20)

Bribed Shaily to spend the night. I told her I'd give her chocolate and internet access.

Le Trike. She'll love it when she see's it tomorrow.
She's been riding Jasiahs all weekend.

To bed.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday in Auckland.

Breakfast with the StrongArms.
The Livians got a motel for the night (because Michelle has a zoo of kids).

The sign on the website didn't say BUDGET and they didn't offer Free WiFi .. and the owners had an argument at the front desk and scared Michelle.
No recommendations here.

K-Mart had a sale today.

Gymnastics girls.

.. spot the oddball.

I had a boy in my bed this morning.

Lunch at Allenby park.

Pizza pie.

We're supposed to go home tonight, but that's not happening.
We (my sister and herself) gave The Livians (parents) a get out of jail free card for the night and Michelle booked a hotel.
Say it with me.

Friday, October 25, 2013

To Aukalani

We set our leaving time for 9am. Then 10am. We left at 11am.
Left Tyler at home because she has a busy Friday. Job interview and performance at the Opera house.
She text us just short of Taupo to say she landed the job.
We stopped in Taupo for lunch.

NZ sells Arrowhead water and it's cheaper than NZ water.

Stopped in Temple View for some Mama's Donuts.

They're not Krispy Kreme, but they're pretty close!

Apparently, the actual shop has different flavors.
We got ours from the caravan vender in The View.

Arrived in Auckland just after 5pm, in time for the Night Markets at Hunters.

I made a beeline for the dumplings.

After seeing ducks in Taupo, Hubba and Rome weren't too happy to see Ducks in Auckland.

Churros .. made by non Spaniards.
I did not try them.
I cannot do that to the Spanish Pasteleros.

This table amused me because they all claimed to be pure juices, but the Just Juice and Keri bottles were sitting off to the side in clear view.
Shai, the dumbo, got a strawberry one.

Chicken and Lamb kebabs.

Steamed pork buns.

Crab & Octopus balls.

Spot Michelle.

Lamb and venison kebabs.

I had to double back for this shot.
Dolls creep me out. Backward dolls one up that.

Lots and lots of rings.

I need water.
Auckland water taste like swimming pool water.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...