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Good times with bubbles.

A Tip: A No more tears shampoo concoction works better than the original bubble recipe because when a bubble pops in a child's eye from the original liquid, it's the end of the world and they'll argue that a trip to the 'hostible' on the 'ambalance' for some 'vicks' is the treatment.

Anyone a fan of the show Breaking Bad? Being sick all week, I happened upon 5 seasons of it. It's centered in Albuquerque, Larry's stomping grounds, and there was so much Mexican food in the first 3 seasons, that I had to make beans. It takes 2 days to cook them, but they are magnífico. 10 years in the USA and I hated refried beans. Ignoramus.

Kath went to Hawaii last week and bought back Caramacs for her favourite person in the world. I hid the other box from visiting family members and can't remember where I put them.

Dinner. Do you know how delicious refried beans mixed with cheese, salsa and arroz is? Right now my appetite calls for beans. Anything and beans.

Hubba liked the tortillas and arroz (rice) and apparently she cut her hair again when she was out of my care during the week.

Birthday package from Ariel in Oregon arrived in the post today. America's Cup race 13 playing in the background. Is it just me .. or are there no Amerians on that boat. All I hear are Australian and British accents.

The knitted jellyfish was my personal favourite.

But the super girl cape made from Ariels boat sail was her favorite. She's asleep right now on the couch with it on. Thanks Ariel!

I'm sad because there's no international rugby this weekend and I have to settle for NPC and NRL.
Day 301. Hope they serve good refried beans in heavens Don Cuco Restaurant.


Me said…
i'm so glad she liked it!!!! the cape looks super cute and i think it might be just the thing for jumping on trampolines or helping her stand up to bossy big sisters or feeling excited about starting at school, because shes a super girl :)

i also love the mexican food. the hardest one for me to make is the sopapillas, they never turn out the way i want.

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